Three Nabbed For Beating, Robbery

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WILLIAMSPORT -- Police in Williamsport say they followed footprints in the snow to catch three men accused of an armed robbery and assault Monday night.

Officers tell us the suspects attacked two people in the area of High and Rose Streets before 10 p.m. Monday.

Charles Kaelin, Ty Kinney, and Jeffrey Randolph are charged with robbery and assault.

All three men are locked up.


  • truthbetold

    And they felt to do this because? IF they spend more than 3 minutes in prison their rehab should include you are not supposed to steal from and beat up people. Somewhere they didn’t get the memo. It’s a disgrace the way some of our young men are turning out! Enabling and pity aren’t gonna cut it. A little less coddling and a lot more discipline!

  • Rupert

    (ARMED) they should be put to death but they won’t they will get out and have another chance to kill! JUNKIES

  • Bruce P.

    Trash is Trash in Billtown, no matter what color is, yellow, brown, white, black color makes no difference, Billtown is dangerous, law abiding citizens really need to get a permit to carry concealed weapon

  • Swampdonkey

    Looks like a road crew to me lets get em patching potholes
    taxpayers deserve roads that don’t destroy the cars they need to commute to earn $ to pay the taxes.(that will be feeding these hoods)

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