Police investigate Rash of Armed Robberies in Lock Haven Area

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CASTANEA TOWNSHIP -- Police are investigating five armed robberies that have happened within the past five weeks all in the Lock Haven area including a gas station near Lock Haven that was robbed Monday night.

A Pizza Hut employee who was robbed at knifepoint has a warning for other businesses in Clinton County.

Fuel On convenience store was back open just one day after state police say a man with a gun robbed the business near Lock Haven. Now, state and local police are searching for several suspects. Authorities released security camera photos:

They are investigating to see if a rash of armed robberies that happened the past five weeks in the Lock Haven area could be connected. That has some people living on edge.

"Just to find out that everyday places I go to are getting robbed is just nuts," said Michelle Krako from Renovo.

Now state and local police say they are investigating five armed robberies that happened within the past five weeks in the Lock Haven area. They say the first one happened in late December at Governor's Antiques in downtown Lock Haven.

Puff Express was also hit.

"Showed us a gun and said, you know, 'Give us your money,'" said an employee.

Pizza Hut was also robbed. Sandy Englert works at the restaurant and was working when it was robbed earlier this month.

"You know when you see an employee with an eight-inch knife to their throat and you have them to the floor," said Sandy Englert from Pizza Hut.

Englert's sister works at Fuel On, another business that was recently robbed. Englert warned her sister to keep less money in the cash register as a precaution.

"Make some changes so that if it happened at her place it wasn't as much of a loss," said Englert.

Now she wants to warn other businesses, too.

"I've been there and done that. It's not fun," said Englert.

State and local police are investigating all five robberies and trying to see if they're connected.


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