Pike County DA Files Paperwork for Death Penalty Against Frein

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MILFORD -- The Pike County District Attorney's office officially filed the paperwork to seek the death penalty against Eric Frein on Tuesday.

Frein is accused of ambushing two Pennsylvania state troopers outside the Blooming Grove barracks on September 12, 2014.

Corporal Bryon Dickson died and Trooper Alex Douglass was badly wounded.

Frein was on the run for weeks until he was captured in October.

A formal arraignment on the request is scheduled for Thursday at 1 p.m. in Pike County.


  • Neverwillhappen

    He should’ve been shot on site save us his stupid story as I do t care there is no reason or justification for what he did and anyone who sides with this freak deserves nothing less then the same he will get. Fry baby fry ps hope you saved a diaper because on that day I’m sure you’ll wet yourself

  • Billy Hill

    Without a doubt, there is WAY MORE to this story than the PSP and the DA are willing to divulge. I can smell a rat somewhere in the mix from miles away. THAT is why there is such a vigorous desire to persue a death conviction in this case; just as was the intensity of the manhunt… The lives and livelihoods of Barrett and Paradise Twp. residents and businesses will surely suffer ill effects created by police forever more.

    I also say that if Frein had been apprehended by PSP and not the U S MARSHALLS, he would have been removed in plastic buckets, without a possibility of testifying. There seems to be much too much haste in the process already to try and hide public evidence, as well as to seal shut any and all avenues whereby certain TABOO information might be diseminated… You can just smell it.

    • cantfoolme

      i could not agree more. frein is getting screwed big time as well as the tax payers. when are we going to hear all sides of the story. i am not buying the pathetic story being put out there from only one side, a corrupt one at that.

  • Regular Joe

    I still can’t wait to hear why yes why Frein did this. I do believe he is guilty that doesn’t seem to be a question but I wonder if the PSP wants us to know why. I really want to know. I also don’t see him getting anything less then the death penalty for sure on this.

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