New Game, New Names For Lottery

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PECKVILLE -- Some changes are taking place to a few Pennsylvania lottery games. Three now have new names and there's also a new game.

If you normally play Quinto, Big 4 or the Daily Number, those games have new names and they're already being sold in convenience stores and other lottery outlets.

People we talked to were surprised to hear of the new changes, but are more excited about the new game.

There is no more Daily Number, Big 4 or Quinto. They are now called Pick 3, Pick 4, and Pick 5.

Newswatch 16 stopped at Quinn's Market in Peckville to find out what people think of the changes.

George Bolsar says he's played these games for years and says the name change will take some time to get used to.

"For the beginning, for the older people it will, but the younger people they will, they're quick!'"

The Pennsylvania Lottery is using the phrase "easy to play, simple to say" for the new "pick" games. The state hopes the new marketing strategy will attract more people.

"It's a good idea. Even more money for the Pennsylvania lottery people and maybe we'll get more benefits."

Nothing actually changes from the old games compared to the new ones besides the name change. But there also is a new game called Pick 2, and people we talked to are excited about it.

"I'm a scratch-off type of guy but I'll give it a shot though, absolutely," said Ronald Schoomover of Dickson City.

For the new Pick 2 game, all you have to do is pick two numbers between 00 and 99.

Mike Taldo, a worker at Quinn's, says he's ready to give it a try.

"More people are going to be playing it and easier to win, too, with just pick two numbers, a lot of people will be playing it. I know I will, a lot."

'I still play, you know the scratch-offs, but I'll try the Pick 2 for a little while, see how it works. But I'll keep continuing to play the Powerball hopefully to win the big one," said Robert Quinn of Peckville.

For $1 you can play the new Pick 2 game and if you win from that $1 ticket, you can win between $5 and $50.

You can watch the Pennsylvania Lottery drawings every day on WNEP-TV.

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