Maroons Mystery in Pottsville

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POTTSVILLE -- There's a mystery in the city of Pottsville and it's all surrounding Maroons Sports Bar and Grill on North Centre Street.

People in Schuylkill County said the place, which has been around since the early 2000s, closed over the weekend with no explanation.

"They recently remodeled and made the second floor even bigger and nicer. It's quite a shock that they did all that work and finally shut their doors," said Billy Lorah of Pottsville.

New management took over the restaurant and bar back in October and just about 4 months later, the windows are papered and doors are locked.

"I hope everything gets kicking again, that's what I want. I'm from here, I'm born and raised down here and I hope everything gets kicking," said Daniel Saranchak of Pottsville.

There maybe be some clue as why the place shut down. On the "closed" signs, you can see someone put tape over an explanation.

People in Pottsville tell Newswatch 16 that over the weekend the sign said that someone wasn't paying the insurance, but now that part of the sign is all covered up.

Saranchak said, "Everybody has questions on what's going on!"

Newswatch 16 was there when Maroons opened in 2004, but 11 years later, the closure has people asking questions and reflecting on the good times.

"I used to go there for the Riverchaser's Poker Tournament, used to go there to eat every once in a while to eat their famous wings," said Lorah.

People in Pottsville said it's ironic that a restaurant named after a former NFL team closed just days before the Super Bowl."

"I think they would have had another shot, but shutting down before the Super Bowl? They're not going to have much luck this year," said Lorah.

Sarge's Soup and Sandwiches has been down the road on North Centre Street since 1992.
The owner said Maroons helped his business because it brought people downtown.

"I feel bad for them and i wish them all the success in the world, it happens," said Sarge.

Even Sarge wants to see the sports bar and grill reopen.

"There's nothing better in the business world than good competition."

Newswatch 16 did reach out to the restaurant managers are the building owners to try to figure out what happened, but our calls were not returned.

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