Man Runs from Police, Leaves Child in Car

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SCRANTON -- Police in Scranton arrested a man Tuesday who they say was selling heroin.

Officers said they tried to stop Theotis Spindler's car on Harrison Avenue.

Spindler got out and ran, leaving his car in drive and his seven-year-old son inside.

The car slammed into a police cruiser. No one was hurt.

Police caught Spindler on Linden Street a short time later. Officers found nearly $500 and heroin.

Spindler faces a slew of charges including possession with intent to deliver, endangering the welfare of children, escape, and resisting arrest.


  • My Dog Is Smarter Than You

    Unfortunately, this child is old enough to be impressionable. He will never forget this. Well, at least it frees up Father’s Day Weekend for him for the rest of his life. I just hope he has support other than those that spawned him so he has a shot at living a productive and maybe even a happy life. I grew up with the real life version of Ben Cartwright (at least until Vietnam ended that in 1974) so I can not ever relate to the thought process, or lack of it, that goes into doing what this POS did.

  • leeroy jenkins

    New Jersey or New York …where this scum originates from??? I really hope PA implements the welfare drug screening. You will see lots of trash migrate back to the rat holes they crawled out of. Leaving your 7 year old in the car with it running. Stay classy Theotis ..Poor kid.. Bullets are cheap and I am sure he is no stranger to them.. He should be introduced to one. Problem solved

      • lkreu

        They tried that in Florida – they found 1 person – on the other hand, the Rep. who came up with that brilliant idea was himself arrest for a DUI – he had drugs in his system. NOT a good thing and total waste of tax payers money. You don’t even know if this kid is on welfare – don’t assume

    • Elizabeth

      Mr. Spindler was BORN AND RAISED in Scranton PA. He was raised by a kind, good hearted woman who did what ever she had to; to keep her family off the welfare system. As for his son; he is a boy who is loved beyond words by many people. He is intelligent, happy and healthy. He sadly has a drug addict as a father.
      I am by no means defending his actions but facts are facts.

      • Correction

        Mr.Spindlers mother raised her son and daughter in the welfare system. Whom are still receiving benefits to this day! She was also aware of her sons drug dealing and her daughter was arrested previous for drug related charges. So, it doesn’t matter where you are from. It’s everywhere!

    • truthbetold

      If you are ignorant enough to think ALL NEPA’s junkies are transplants then things will never change. Your smug exceptionalism will be your communities downfall. ALL the druggies I unfortunately been forced to know since I LEFT the city were ALL indigenous to the area in which they lived give or take a few miles.

  • truthbetold

    There but for the Grace of God go some of us, however, dude really? CPS if you EVER give this kid back to this father; you all should be brought up on charges of negligence!

  • Me

    Must be nice to carry $500 in cash on you. Dope money or not…….

    No wonder nobody works around here. You’re better off selling drugs in Pa

  • Baba Ganoush

    “Well, kid, I ain’t goin’ down for this. This is where we part ways. Take care of yourself, huh?”

    I’m so cynical at times, I can’t stand myself, but this just flabbergasts me. I won’t guess how or when it may manifest, but this will have been a defining moment in this boys life… seven years old and your old man bails on you, right there, live and in front of your eyes.

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