Grabbing The Last Of A-Treat

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POTTSVILLE -- A soft drink made here in Pennsylvania could soon be gone for good.

A-Treat Soda is going out of business and people in Schuylkill County are trying to grab their favorite flavors before it's too late.

A-Treat Bottling Company which is based in Allentown closed on Friday.

When people in Schuylkill County heard their favorite soda would soon be out of stock they rushed to the grocery stores.

People in Pottsville are stocking up on a favorite soda here in Schuylkill County: A-Treat.

Last week, A-Treat bottling company in Allentown closed after almost 100 years in business.

So now, it's a rush to get the last bottles of flavors like birch beer or sarsaparilla.

"I got that last cream soda there and I was really excited because that's my mom's favorite."

While stores are selling out quickly, Boyer's in Pottsville still has some in stock.

"It's like an epidemic. The A-Treats have been flying off the shelf and we can't keep up with it," said Kira Gotthardt.

Boyer's plans to get at least a few more shipments of A-Treat and they hope when that happens, they can fill some of the empty shelves that are missing the favorites.

"I just put a new order in. Hopefully, we get everything we did order."

Luckily for Doris Rodrian of Pottsville, her favorite is still on the shelf.

"Black cherry," she said.

She remembers how her kids used to love sipping on the soda.

"When my kids were little, around the holidays, we would take them to the distributors, get the case, go through and pick all of the different flavors that they wanted."

While shoppers stocked up, they felt bad that the longtime business had to shut down.

"I was shocked because 97 years for a business to close down? It's sad too, my family owners a local business and to see any business closed their doors after 97 years, that's really sad," said Nancy Daubert.

But there may be hope. The Facebook page "let's keep A-Treat sodas flowin" has almost 12,000 likes, and the page administrator says people have already reached out to the A-Treat company to try to save it.

Shoppers here say that would be nice but on shopper hopes if that happens, "that they still have black cherry!"

If you're looking to stock up on A-Treat, there are still some places in Schuylkill County that have the soda for now.


  • Nathan

    I would have thought a news agency would learn to spell check and at least try to get some of their pieces through without any errors. I guess nobody cares about the English language anymore.

  • Eagle Eye

    Jackie De Torre does that a lot. Check out previous posts on these stories: Jury Selection Delayed In Selenski Trial (1/5/2015) and the Guilty Plea For Credit Union Fraud (1/23/2015)

  • bob

    did all the people from channel 16 escape from the mental ward…all they do is giggle and laugh all the time , even when people loose their jobs.

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