Crain Out, Ruby In as RailRider’s GM

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On Tuesday morning, Rob Crain and the RailRiders new ownership of SWB Investors LLC, parted ways. Jeremy Ruby, the team's Executive Vice President of Operations, was named the Interim General Manager, effective immediately.

Rob Crain spent two and a half years with the RailRiders, overseeing the reopening of the refurbished stadium. Crain brought a series of promotions and excitement to the park, but the RailRiders attendance has remained below the league average. The new owners decided to make a change at the top, and without much notice, Ruby stepped into the role of Interim G.M.

Ruby has been with the local baseball club in NEPA, originally the Red Barons, since 1998, and also had a stint as the General Manager of the former SWB Yankees. Ruby sat down with Newswatch 16 on Tuesday to discuss his new role with the RailRiders.


  • Frank Bigler

    Absolutly horrible move by the new owners of the Railriders. Rob Crain was one of the best things about the experience at the park. He is a hands on guy in the crowd , not a rich owner sitting high above in a secluded suite somewhere. He was entertaining, polite, and from what we experienced a fantastic leader to the staff. We as season ticket holders are devestated by this news . It will not be the same without him. The poor attendence can only be blamed on our local population who cannot be made happy by anything. Bring in the Yanks, all you hear is yankees, yankees yankees this and yankess that on talkback. Cant even call the club the little yanks. They complained about hockey, they complain about everything that someone tries to do to better this area.
    How about Blaming Miley and his crew for not coaching well enough! How about blaming the big Yanks for pulling too many players from the railriders bench during the season not allowing players to develop that fluidity that a team needs to play well together.
    Dont Blame the man who was friends with everyone, the guy who personally responed to emails. The guy that sat with us in doggie pants with his 2 dogs at Bark in the Park.

    We want him back!!!!!!!!!

    • RightSaidFred

      Success (at least statistically) has little or no bearing on attendance figures. The team made the playoffs 5 times from 2007 – 2012, and won the league championship in 2008. Attendance fell each year the team made the playoffs. So, even though Miley had done his job, people didn’t show up. The situation with the Penguins isn’t much different.
      As far as Rob Crain goes, I totally agree with Frank. Crain is an enthusiastic guy, who brought a lot of new energy to an otherwise lethargic organization and fan base. You rarely see the general manager of a professional organization standing on the concourse helping people find their way. And, although attendance fell last year, he should have been given more time to see his plan through.
      If the club see’s some positive attendance figures in the next season or two, it won’t be because they fired Crain. It will be the result of the atmosphere he helped to create.

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