Chief Charged With DUI

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LACEYVILLE -- State police in Bradford County have charged Laceyville Police Chief Scott Perry with drunk driving.

Troopers say Perry was in uniform in December when they pulled over his Laceyville squad car in Standing Stone Township, near Wysox.

Borough council suspended Perry without pay, and will now pay state police to provide public safety in Laceyville.


  • Truth_Wisdom

    How many times do you see this happening today? Not just police officers but tax payer funded public employees and public servants breaking the law in some way shape or form. Not all , but enough of them have an attitude they are above the law or society in general.

    As I said before what good are back round checks when the supposedly ” clean ” individuals are breaking the law at will in front of everybody probably for years or decades. Other people are arrested , vigorously prosecuted and sentenced because they have no political connections or finances. The fox is truly watching the hen house.

    • Common Sense Man!

      You read about it so often because stories about public servants doing their jobs successfully and going home aren’t newsworthy. Far more people will click on this headline.

  • Rupert

    Send him to the rape house I meant to say prison and introduce him to those deuling banjo boys its what they let happen ot maybe order to happen to everyone else!

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