Snow Blankets Monroe County

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MONROE COUNTY -- Up until this snowfall, Dexter Anderson's snow blower had not been used this winter.

"This is the first time I used it this year so far," he said. "Hopefully that's it."

He's not alone. Plenty across Monroe County spending the day clearing out their driveways before more snow comes Sunday evening.

In the case of the Mohameds, near Pocono Summit, a family that shovels together stays together.

"It's going to take me all day to clean this up cause I got to clear around the house first," said Kamal Mohamed.

Mohamed owns a trucking business and said when the snow comes down like this, his kids are a great help, but he has to bring out the heavy equipment.

"I got to stay on top of it," he added. "If I don't clear it out, I can't get my equipment out of here."

While people in this area say this is more snow than they've received this winter, they said they're relieved it's not that wet slushy stuff.

Mo Othman of Long Pond spent his morning shoveling and salting his driveway, a work out in and of itself.

"Usually every other day I run two miles to keep myself active," explained Othman. "Since I can't do that, things are a little crazy, [so] I replace it with shoveling to keep my body active."

Whatever way it takes, people in the area say it's crucial to stay on top of the snow, or else the snow stays on top of you.

"It gets harder to clear when you got more on top of what you have," Anderson added. "I have to be able to get in and out. I got kids so I have to be able to get in and out."

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