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NFL Cheating Scandal a Lesson in Ethics

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PALMYRA TOWNSHIP -- So what to make of the scandal surrounding the Patriots, or the "Cheatriots?"

Football was on the minds of high school students in Pike County Thursday when a college coach flew in for a recruiting visit.

Landing at the Wallenpaupack Area High School's football field, Rutgers University head football coach Kyle Flood was there for a recruiting visit.

Flood has some ties to the NFL's New England Patriots and didn't want to comment directly on the cheating scandal involving the Super Bowl contenders.

But Flood has some thoughts about the role the pros have when it comes to setting an example for others.

"Anybody in a position of influence I think it`s important for them to set a great example, and I think by and large that`s what you get when you look at the coaching fraternity," said Flood.

A lot of sports fans may argue the Patriots would have beaten the Colts regardless of whether those balls were inflated to the proper amount or not. But students at Wallenpaupack Area High School said it's not about that.

"You want to win in your heart knowing you did it the right way even if you lose," said junior Kiley Sloan.

They may just be kids, but the students are taking a life lesson to heart. Sara Rosencrance is teaching this group, who will mentor younger students, the importance of being trustworthy and honest.

"Kids are deciding, cheating, is it acceptable in NFL, what about in our classrooms or high school football fields?" questioned Rosencrance.

Rosencrance said cheating is simply wrong. Even though there's a long history of cheating in pro sports, students believe there's no way to justify it ever.

"It`s disgusting, you would think a high school team would be doing that. A team in the NFL doing that is just messed up," said junior Kayla Celona.

"It would be nice to win the Super Bowl, but at least if you know you tried and you played the right way. Then you should be happy then even if you lost," added Sloan.


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