Does It Really Work? Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

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This is the Wobble-Wag-Giggle ball.  The maker claims, this ball is for dogs of all shapes and sizes.  There's tubes inside the ball that make funny sounds as your dog interacts with it.  It's made of a flexible, durable and pet safe vinyl.  It can be used indoors or outdoors!  It will keep your dog happy, healthy and fit.

To test the Wobble-Wag-Giggle ball or W-W-G, as we like to call it.  We went to the Griffin Pond Animal Shelter near Clarks Summit.  They have lots of furry friends that are looking for a friend like you.

Newswatch 16 asked Kristen Anderson to help us test the W-W-G on a few friends.

So if you're having a problem with your dog, chewing things you may want to consider more exercise.

This is where we met Slate for the first time.  Slate is young and lovable dog who enjoys people.  He is available for adoption.

We took Slate outside and introduced him to Wobble-Wag-Giggle ball.

Immediately we noticed Slate liked Wobble-Wag-Giggle ball however it didn't keep his attention for long.  He quickly found other interesting odors and scents to investigate.  Being that Slate isn't outdoors that often, he was curious about everything around him. Whenever Kristen joined in, Slate would drop everything and chase the ball for her.  Slate seemed to be enjoying the ball as long as Kristen was involved.

We headed back indoors and tried it on a smaller, younger dog.  At first this pup wasn't sure what do with the ball but after a few reassuring calls from her foster mom, the pup started warming up to the idea.  She would play with it as long as her foster mom was playing with her.

Finally, we decided to try it on a bigger dog.  Meet Bailey, she is a pit-bull and a sweetheart.  One of the nicest dogs we met at the shelter.  She truly enjoys being with people and also needs to be adopted.  She loved playing with the W-W-G ball. As a matter a fact, she didn't want to put it down.  It didn't matter who threw her the ball she would chase it and bring it back.  She was also the only one that chewed it like a chew toy.  So we instructed Kristen to leave the W-W-G ball in the cage with Bailey overnight.  If she chewed it all night long and couldn't tear it apart, it would pass our test.

And guess what?  The ball survived without a scratch.
Everyone at Griffin Pond Animal Shelter gives it a big thumbs up!

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