Outrage, Insults Fly Over Ousting Of Stroudsburg Area Superintendent

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STROUDSBURG -- It was a contentious meeting for a school board in Monroe County as parents and students are outraged over the dismissal of their superintendent.

The Stroudsburg Area superintendent was told earlier this month, his contract won’t be renewed at the end of this year.

“Where do you come off picking on me?”

“Are you going to cry?”

Insults and jabs flew during the Stroudsburg Area School Board meeting as parents and students fought the school board majority to keep their superintendent.

Earlier this month, the board voted 5 to 4 to not renew Dr. John Toleno`s contract that expires June 30.

Outraged parents vowed to unseat the majority five members next election.

“When Martin`s term is up in November do not vote for him. And the rest that follow him, don`t vote for them,” said Tarah Probst.

Speaker after speaker, each one begged the board to reconsider its decision to part ways with Toleno.

“He developed a great relationship with the student body and genuinely cares about every student and program,” said junior Cody Yarnall.

“I come from a neighborhood where kids didn't even know their teachers' names so for kids to know their superintendent's name and them not even care or validate what the people say, “said parent Erika Dmeza.

Then the board appeared to cave to public pressure, taking a vote to rescind its decision to not renew Toleno`s contract.

However that vote failed 5 to 4.

“All five of them, Cindy Blake, Bill Martin, Pierce, Stewart, they all vote the same so there was no guarantee the vote was going to change,” said parent Erica McCabe.

“I`ll land on my feet. I`m really proud of what we`ve done here in Stroudsburg and it`s really humbling that a community would come out like this,” said Toleno.


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    If it is being done for political reasons, good for you citizens for sticking together. Hopefully you can have him back in a year. Were there reasons for not renewing the contract? I am very interested in hearing more about it.

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