Second Fire Hits Row Home

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MAHANOY CITY -- Fire crews responded to a blaze on South D Street in Mahanoy City early Tuesday morning.

For some residents here in Schuylkill County it was deja' vu, because the same thing happened on New Year's Eve just next door.

The most recent fire happened at 12 South D Street around 3:30 a.m. Tuesday.

"I came out and just saw a huge globe behind the houses and then a lot of smoke," said Derek Davison of Mahanoy City.

Just last month, a fire started in the kitchen on 14 South D Street.

That row home has been vacant ever since, but the house next door where Steven Hutnyan lives suffered smoke damage from that fire. This time, Hutnyan had to escape a fire in his own home.

Firefighters said he climbed out onto a second floor awning and walked to the other end of the five section row homes to escape the flames.

Neighbor Trudy Anderson saw Hutnayn above her front door.

"He was shaking a mile a minute. I looked up and there was nothing I could do. The fire company came and put a ladder up to help the guy down," said Anderson.

Friends said Hutnyan is OK and is staying with a relative.

They said he just recently moved back to South D Street after the last fire.

"He just said he just got his carpets and furniture cleaned," said Davidson.

For those neighbors who were around for both fires, they couldn't believe it was happening again.

Anderson said, "My boyfriend opened the door and said, 'No, the house is on fire again!'"

A state police fire marshal said the cause of the most recent fire at 12 South D Street is accidental, saying it was an electrical fire that started in the pantry. People who live in those row homes said, regardless of how the fire started, it's scary to think there were two fires in less than a month.

Anderson said, just last week, she finally got the smell of smoke out of her home from the fire on December 31.

"Now I have all the smoke again, I mean, why?"

A Mahanoy City code enforcement officer checked out the homes on Tuesday. He said neither are destroyed and it's up to the occupants and the insurance companies if they plan to rebuild.