Music Teacher Hit With Sex Charges

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STROUDSBURG -- A music teacher in Monroe County is facing sex charges.

Authorities say Brandon Flatley, 39, of Stroudsburg was charged last week for the crimes.

Flatley has been suspended from the Stroudsburg Area School District since the end of December. The intermediate school music teacher is accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a student in the district for the past several years.

Court papers reveal the fourth grade music teacher at Stroudsburg Intermediate has allegedly been having an inappropriate relationship with a student for years.

Superintendent Dr. John Toleno first learned of the allegations late December from the victim's parents and put Flatley on leave with pay on Christmas Eve.

"That's clearly something that you jump on immediately no matter what the time of day is, or what day it happens to be, so that's exactly what we did," Toleno said.

Students know Flatley as the fourth grade strings program instructor at Stroudsburg Intermediate. He also worked with the junior high school strings students and the high school orchestra.

Flatley's next door neighbor says he's always appeared to be a good father of two.

"He's very nice, I'd say hello to him many times. He'd play with his children. He made the play place for his kid over there," said neighbor Huong Desa.

Court papers indicate that Flatley sent over 90,000 Facebook messages to the victim and some sexually explicit photos and audio recordings as well.

It all began in April of 2013 when the victim was only 15.

Flatley is now on leave from the district without pay and isn't allowed on school grounds.

We stopped by his home in Stroud Township. No one answered the door.

According to court papers, Flatley had sexual contact with the victim on school property. It happened inside his office at the Stroudsburg Intermediate School, between October and December of last year.

"I was so surprised, because up here I see a very nice father and a nice neighbor."

District officials say the strings teacher could likely be let go from the district as soon as February as they work to move forward while getting the victim the support they need.

"It's disappointing to me that these types of decisions were made. It's very disappointing to me as a school district leader. The good news is out of all of this, we dealt with it swiftly," Toleno said.

Flatley is scheduled to turn himself in Wednesday to be arraigned on the sex charges at a magistrate's office in Stroud Township.


  • StudentAtSburg

    My thing is that it’s not like the girl was raped. It was a mutual thing. She is not really a victim. I feel like he should not only be the only one getting punished. She should be suspended and get kicked out of the music program as well as any sports she’s on. What both of them did is wrong so both of them should be punished. She needs to stop playing around like she is a victim and pretending like she did nothing wrong. They only told the public what he was sending her. She could have been sending the same things back or even worse and that’s probably what happened. She probably was leading him on and it got out of hand. I’m not choosing sides but, she is not a victim.

  • mom

    All i can say about this, is that i am glad that Monroe County is taken actions into this and taking it serious, unlike Lycoming County, where they seem to think that it is ok for a 19 year old to impregnate a 14 year and do nothing.

  • Truth_Wisdom

    So much for criminal back round checks……..
    How many criminally “cleared” people in our government ,schools, fire and police departments are committing crimes at an overwhelming rate and getting caught nowadays?
    I can’t honestly see how you can penalize someone with a misdemeanor on their record these days.
    The fox is guarding the hen house……..

    • ME2

      Well, if the person commits the crime after they are hired and they were never convicted before, background checks aren’t going to be any help. It will only be when something like this comes to the fore, that people will know.

      • truthbetold

        The disturbing thing then is they suddenly turn into monsters later on in life with no warning signs? Or maybe just too many enablers in their lives telling that they’re normal, or that they’re a “little” dysfunctional? That’s the problem, too many people think that dysfunctional is the new normal. Here, take this magic pill and that will fix all your behavioral mishaps.

    • Perry Mason

      Yep, as I recall that individual had sent thousands of messages per month to the student(s) and had parties in the basement. And the anchor never suspected?

  • Ryan

    Amazing. This is every week in NEPA at some school district. The State should cut funding at these schools that have a faculty charged with having sex of a student. You’ll see pre-employment psych screen become more common.

    • Jay

      Every school that have a faculty member CHARGED?! Absolutely not. Maybe every school that have a faculty member CONVICTED. We have due process in this country and kids lie.


        I agree about convicted, but convicted in NEPA and convicted in most other places are two different things….

    • The truth you don't want to hear.

      Cut funding that teaches students. So you want MORE stupid people. You want to hurt the entire school population because of the actions of one? That doesn’t fix the problem, it just creates more.

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