Gas Prices Remain Above $2 in PA

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MONROE COUNTY -- The national average price for gasoline is projected to drop below $2 a gallon this week. States neighboring Pennsylvania are already below that price.

But not here. We're really starting to see the impact of the increase in fuel taxes in the state. Our prices at the pump are among the highest in the nation.

We found gas prices just across the Delaware River in New Jersey below $2 a gallon, some as low as $1.84.

None of us has seen prices this low in six years, but Pennsylvanians have to travel to take advantage of the lower prices.

"A lot cheaper, a lot cheaper," said Paul Ciuzio of Mount Pocono.

"Oh, it's unbelievable, cheaper," said Heidi Penland.

Take a look at this map:


The 24 highlighted states now have gas averaging below $2 a gallon. Pennsylvania is not one of them.

New Jersey is, drawing plenty of PA drivers.

"Oh, they're much cheaper. They're about 50 to 60 cents cheaper than over there," said Stephanie Rodriguez of East Stroudsburg.

In fact, Pennsylvania now ranks among the top five of the most expensive prices per gallon in the lower 48 states.

gas prices in states

The average here is $2.31 a gallon, trailing only California, New York, Vermont and Connecticut.

Pennsylvania enacted a higher fuel tax last year to help pay for road and bridge repairs.

"I think they always have some kind of excuse. All I know is, I do it over here because it really saves a lot," said Heidi Penland of Martins Creek.

"It should definitely be the same price. It's definitely not fair," complained Pooja Kothari of Bethlehem.

The tax hike impacting Pennsylvania gas prices will be phased in each year. The latest increase just went into effect January 1. Drivers here didn't notice it much because prices nationwide were falling.

"Well, there you go, we have to catch back up with them, right?" said Kevin MacIntire of East Stroudsburg when told most of the country was below $2.

But he understands Pennsylvania needs money for road repairs.

"We definitely need these roads fixed, so if that's what it takes to do it, I hope they get it done."

AAA says gas prices across the country have fallen 113 straight days. The U.S. average is $1.22 cheaper than it was one year ago today and experts expect it to continue to fall.

To find the cheapest gas near you, check out WNEP's Gas Tracker.

Click here to see AAA's list of gas prices by state.


  • L.C. Smith

    That was your last Governor’s gift to Pa. Before being shown the front door. We will see how many roads get fixed with this money. Glad he is no longer in charge of PA. Good Reddens.

  • WHY IS THIS OK, WHY?????

    Keep in mind also, Jersey has to pay a worker to pump the gas. It is illegal in Jersey to pump your own gas, and they are still close to 50 cents a gallon less than Pa.

    • What a mutt

      What are you talking about? We should just be overpaying, and still have the sh!tiest roads around? MY DOG IS SMARTER THAN YOU.

  • Franko

    THe problem is that Gov Corbett screwed the state with the fuel tax. The reason why we are paying 60–cents per gallon in taxes is because his administration and at least the two past administrations as well, were taking the money from the fuel tax, which was designated to go to road funding, and through a loophole, were funnelling it to other projects not road related. They got caught by the federal DOT when they did surprise bridge inspection a few years back and reviewed the PA DOT records and discovered that the state was not inspecting the bridges and roads on a routine basis and were not using portions of the tax funding to do such things. They basically found a way to break the law and the Fed DOT gave PA a deadline date (I don’t recall what year is it) in which this whole list of roads and bridged have to be repaired as requested by the Fed DOT, or the Feds will cut all future road funding grants to the state. They got caught with their hands in the cookie jar, basically. But of course WNEP never did a story on it. other newspapers in PA and in other states did articles though.

  • Bradford County Resident

    They raised the gas tax to help fund road repairs & upgrades. Funny thing is that’s they(the state) now get cheaper fuel to run the heavy equipment… So if they’d drop the tax it should all even out. Not making sense why we have to keep forking money over when they can’t seem to make budget. Nobody helps me make budget at my home & I don’t have the luxury to raise taxes. I throw a BS flag at this.

    • Peter

      Governor Wolf, please roll back this unreasonable Gas Tax. It only serves to line the pockets of
      the crooked politicians in this State and it most likely never ends up to be used for what it was intended too. Gosh I hate the phonies!

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