NCAA Restores the Roar to the Nittany Lions

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UNIVERSITY PARK -- All across State College and University Park is the number 409.

It stands for the number of wins Penn State Head Coach Joe Paterno earned for his school.

In 2012, the NCAA vacated 111 of Paterno's wins after the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse scandal, but now the wins are back and Nittany Lions fans are rejoicing.

"He did a lot for this university and so just to get his name back to where it should be and what he did for this university is huge," said Chris Rodgers of Stormstown.

Places like Cafe 210 West on College Avenue  or should we say Cafe 409 West, are rallying behind the former coach.

The co-owner came up with the idea after they gave the wins back. He decided to make it Cafe 409 West.

For months, waiters and waitresses at Champs Sports wore shirts saying "409 Forever."

Now, people at the grill say forever is finally here and it's not going away.

"I've grown up here my whole life so I've been going to games as long as I can remember. So for the students and the whole community, it's awesome," said Megan Roberts, a freshman.

There's no official word yet on if or when the statue of Joe Paterno would return to its place outside Beaver Stadium. People in the community say they want back where it belongs as soon as possible.

"The statue not only represents what he was known for - #1, #1 in athletics, #1 football program, #1 school in the country. That's how we all view it. I think the statue should be reinstated as soon as possible," said Nick Crawford of State College.


  • L.C. Smith

    That is the least you could do. The stress and anxiety killed the guy. Stay in Heaven Joe Pa. you wouldn’t want to be here. God BLESS !

  • Upset with this decision

    Omg! Really? How about a family member being abused my Sandusky and went to Joe Paterno who told that boy to not talk to him about that crap! That is a fact! Visual proof? So if a young boy comes to you and tells you what happened to him, you do nothing but send him off? So just because you didn’t see this happen it means it’s not true? Truth is Paterno knew in the 70’s and nothing was done. Year’s later he is approached again, same issue… Why would he say he should have done more? Fact is, he didn’t do enough! He should have done more. He should have fought for those boys and he didnt

  • Upset with this decision

    Was Joe Paterno a great coach? On the field, yes he was but part of being a great coach, it involves your actions off the field as well. Do you people really think that this has been going on for just a few years? Guess what, this has been going on for more years then any of you “JoePa” fans can believe. Do you really think that this is to bash a man and to try and tarnish his reputation or who he was?

    This icon, as you call him, was confronted by a young man more then forty years ago. Did you read that? MORE THEN 40 YEARS AGO!! This young man informed him of what Jerry Sandusky did to him in the shower. Guess what your superhero coach said to this kid? “Don’t you come to me with that crap, I don’t want to hear that”

    A great coach? Guess again! An Icon? Guess again! There is no way anyone in their right mind can think that is OK.

    Maybe if he went to authorities back then. Maybe if he did his job back then. Maybe if he did the humane thing, maybe all those victims and their families plus the victims that nobody knows about would be in a better place. Maybe Penn State and his family would be in a different place today. I do know if something was done back then all of this would have stopped along time ago. Many kids lives would have been saved.

    Reinstating Joe Paterno’s wins was a mistake, He knowingly ignored a young man asking for help! Shame on you Joe Paterno! That is a coward and if he was alive today he should be serving time right next to Sandusky. Along with all the other guys who let this happen and did nothing.

    • In my opinion, Joe paterno was a good guy

      Knowingly would of been seeing it with his own eyes ! Again, Mr. Paterno was not God, and to hear that about someone whom you think you know, and is an upstanding person as far as you can tell, you would think it was crap. Don’t demonize Mr. Paterno for being a normal human being, who had no factual evidence of what was going on behind the scenes with Sandusky’s secret life, that was opposite of what he had people thinking he was like on the surface.

      Bring the statue back, and for all you people bashing Joe Paterno, when he never had an ounce of visible proof, and thought Sandusky was a good man because of the illusion Sandusky created should be ashamed of yourselves !
      Karma is a real universal thing, so you all better be careful how your passing judgement on an innocent man who was deceived by Sandusky, and had no visible proof Sandusky was a molester, becuase of how Mr. Paterno knew Sandusky on the surface ! I hope nobody in your family, or any of you ever get demonized for something you did not know about 100% —– Put the statue back up !

  • in my opinion, joe paterno was a good guy

    First and foremost, my heart goes out to the victims from the hideous crimes inflicted on them from that monster Sandusky, YES Sandusky ! Not Mr. Paterno

    Now all you Joe Pa bashers, I fail to equate how Sandusky’s crimes against kids justifies Joe Paterno being punished ? And his family ? His wins, his legacy ?

    He was not there to ever witness these abominable acts with his own eyes that Sandusky was committing, and I seriously doubt Sandusky reported his alter ego behavior to Joe Paterno

    You Joe Paterno haters make it sound like after Sandusky showered with victims, tucked them in bed and blew raspberry’s on their stomachs he always made sure to tell Joe of his secret molesting ways, and that Joe hid this from the public and went about everyday life ! Positively ludicrous for you Joe Paterno haters to conjecture that scenario

    You people have falsely crucified Joe Paterno for things he could not of known as fact that were going on in the private life of Sandusky

    How would you feel if someone told you your boss, Dad, Brother, or anyone you think is a good person, was alleged to be a molester ?

    You would be in shock, you would not know it as fact, and neither did Joe, yet he still reported it

    Joe was the victim of a Witch Hunt from the Media and the Public when this all came out, but I will NEVER believe that Paterno knew for sure that this was going on from someone he trusted, it must of been akward for Paterno to try to even comprehend the allegations made against Sandusky

    He did what he could of reported it, but did not know for 100% if they were true or not

    How can you people act like Joe did this ? Shows your lack of fairness and your low IQ

    If Mr. Paterno was guilty or knew for 100% sure like you bashers try to demonize Mr. Paterno for, then I guess Mr. Paterno deserved an Academy Award !

    There is no way in my heart or brain do I believe that Joe Paterno knew for 100% sure knew of the offenses committed on kids, and continued to act like himself coaching, doing radio shows, everyday life, absolutely no way that man knew in my opinion no way, he would of been the all time greatest actor ever !

    No rational human being could go about everyday life as they always did concealing the horrible acts committed by Sandusky

    In all reality all you JoePa Witch Hunters are looking more and more insane yourselves as time goes by !

    Think about it, how could he smile about wins, games, bowls, everything in life, doing radio shows, interviews etc. and NEVER look disturbed or depressed, or like something upset him ? He couldn’t ! Because he truly did not know of Sandusky’s private perversions !

    Sandusky pulled the wool on people, not Joe Paterno !

    I have come to my senses, and realized the Mr. Paterno got the raw deal – There are 2 victims here, the innocent youths who were forever scarred by Sandusky’s molestations, and Joe Paterno and his family for being falsely smeared for a crime Joe PA did not commit

    It is ludicrous for you Joe Paterno Bashers to make me believe that good man knew about all the perversions over the years and went about normal business ! No Way ! No Way ! No Way ! Restore the wins, put the statue back up and apologize to Paterno’s family, they were victims also

    Sorry for the victims, and the Paternos, both got the raw deal !

  • BZ22

    The NCAA thrilled so many with the sanctions they handed down. Now they’ve incensed them into a frenzy by revoking them which proves they knew they weren’t legal, didn’t have the authority to do so and wouldn’t hold up in a court of law!

      • Upset with this decision

        Lets talk about what these victims got. A lifetime of never forgetting, of carring around what has happened, what all you people think and that NOTHING was done to help them. Do they deserve the money? Absolutely but if you ask every single one of them if they would rather money or for their attack to not even happen, what do you think they will pick?

        You think because they received money that everything is OK and they can move on? Some justice was done but reinstating these wins was a mistake.


    So now what happend at that school is exceptable in this state, its ok for a Prius man to be around school children in this state?

  • Nondas Hebda

    What kind of man would choose his number of wins & his football legacy over allowing sexual abuse to go on for years & years? Every time I hear his name I will think, sexual scandal HE DID NOT insist to stop. Think of all the priests and other members of the community that did good deeds but were found to have this secret life, well PaPa Joe had a secret too and did nothing but pass it onto people higher and then kept a blind eye. And now you pushed to make him a hero to be looked up to. PSU hang your head in shame. Don’t think that I am the only one who thinks this way. Hip Hip Hooray for football – Pray for the abused

  • no justise

    Well boys they are giving to you again. He has left this earth what
    good are those wins now he doesn’t know they exist. But a severe miscarriage of justice was done here.


      THOSE WHO CAN DO – THOSE WHO CAN’T CHEER ……………………………………………………………………….

    • Check Your Pulse

      I don’t BELIEVE you have a HEART or a CHILD. Because if you did you know all the wins in the world won’t make those boys FORGET.

      • BZ22

        No one expects or thinks those boys will ever forget and theirs is a legal matter for the court system. The NCAA overstepped their authority issuing the sanctions and they never expected anyone to challenge them or their power. They aren’t willing to take their chances in court next month and there’s more regarding their actions they don’t want made public. If they were correct and justified, they would be standing tall instead of running the other way with their tails between their legs!

      • My Opinion, Paterno was a good guy

        Nobody should EVER forget what Sandusky did to those boys, yes SANDUSKY not Paterno

        Paterno was not a molester, nor do I believe he knew for fact that it was going on, so your right nobody should ever forget about those boys, but what they should forget is their false accusations against Joe Paterno, and al the BS conspiracy theories that act like Joe Pa knew for sure, like he saw the crimes, and acted normal cause winning games was more important

        Joe was a good man, he did all he could, he wished he would of done more translated into –> After finding out what really went down, he wished he would of had proof or seen with his own eyes do he could of done more than just report an ALLEGATION someone tells him about someone who led him to believe he is an upstanding citizen

        You narrow minded witch hunters have got to stop this ! Sandusky is the one who was convicted, not Paterno


    WOW WIN ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN CONSPIRACY. He commit a crime by hiding ABUSE, that’s CONSPIRACY. HE is dead so doesn’t have to live with the damage this caused. BUT all those men are still out there. it’s a slap in the face to them, because they have to live with it. I live in Pa. AND I WOULD NEVER SEND MY CHILD THERE,. EVEN IF IT WAS FREE

    • BZ22

      Speaking of alleged conspiracy and accomplices, the Atty. Gen. had ALL the info., did nothing with it for over two years, took over $600,000 in campaign donations from Sandusky’s Second Mile and removed 4 of 5 investigators from the case. Think any of those in the legal arena who are paid by us to investigate and prosecute but allowed this to continue long after Sandusky was gone from PSU should be held accountable for any of it?

    • Juan Motime

      Jerry Sandusky had his day in court and he was found guilty. Shutlz, Curley and Spanier are coming up. They will have their day in court. Please tell me what crime did Joe Paterno commit?

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