Fire Department Recruits New Live-In Firefighters

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MONTOURSVILLE -- A volunteer fire department in Lycoming County is looking for recruits and now has something that could entice young firefighters even more.  The department's offer for college students may be too good to pass up.

College roommates eat, clean, and work together at Willing Hand Hose Company in Montoursville.

“This is their house. You can add fire house to it. They live here," said Captain Tyson Minier.

Captain Tyson Minier says it`s free room and board with one catch.

“They respond to ambulance calls, fire calls, MVAs, everything,” said Minier.

Ten full-time college students respond to overnight emergency calls and in return live at the volunteer fire department for free. The fire house has been added on to with all new amenities, including, an updated kitchen, living quarters, and a TV room. It`s part of Willing Hand Hose Company`s live-in program.

"Volunteers are hard to come by. We use these guys to keep the wheels turning,” said Minier.

The department will lose several live-ins at the end of the semester, so it's started to recruit.

"They will save roughly around $30,000," said Minier.

Not only are the live-ins getting free room and board but they are also getting professional training which would cost them thousands to do on their own," said Minier

"You're immersed in emergency services so you really have to enjoy what you're doing because you're surrounded by it 24/7," said Salisbury.

Penn College student, Chris Salisbury will save about $50,000 through the program that's offered him more than just a place to live.

"It's a brotherhood, it's my home away from home,” said Salisbury.

"The family aspect is definitely here. It is one big, huge family," said Minier.

Prospective live-ins should contact Willing Hand Hose Company in Montoursville for more information.


  • FDChick

    Of course it’s for all sexes… this isn’t the 1960s ‘Boys’. There’s this little thing called equal opportunity provider and a sexual harassment clause all volunteer fire departments and paid have. Even though it’s “volunteer”, we are an “employer”. If you can’t control your hormones are a female, maybe you should learn the definition of professional.

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