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Holy Redeemer, MMI Prep Girls Basketball Teams Respond to Blowout Game

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WILKES-BARRE -- It was a light crowd at Holy Redeemer High School in Wilkes-Barre as the boys varsity basketball team faced off against the basketball team from MMI Prep.

But it was the blowout game the night before between the two schools' girls varsity basketball teams that had players on those teams talking.

Monday night, Redeemer beat MMI Prep at Prep's home game in Freeland by 125 -13.

The Lady Royals said the starters were pulled from the game once the gap in points became obvious.

“We stopped pressing in the first quarter and we put our subs in and out, and they were in the whole second half. We couldn't do anything else,” said Redeemer junior Sara Flannelly.

During afternoon practice, Prep's coach praised her girls for their spirit, saying there are only seven members on the team, four of whom are freshmen.

"I say, to their credit, they're here every day. They chose to be here. They have shirts that say 'Seven Strong,'" said MMI coach Patty Medvecky. “We knew from the beginning of our season that we were going to have seven players and they chose to be part of that team and support the school and represent their school. I think that they're doing a very good job representing our school and I'm proud of them.”

“I'm just proud of us because not one person who came to the game last night can say that we gave up that entire game. We played our hearts out,” said MMI captain Rachel Stanziola. “I'm proud of every single one of us on this team.”

“We feel bad, but it comes to a point where we didn't ask to be put in this division. We didn't ask to be as good as we are. It just happened. There's nothing we can do about it except play our game,” said Redeemer senior Alexis Lewis.

The two teams are scheduled to face each other again next month.


  • coach

    if you are a frosh playing varsity sport. YOU BETTER BE GOOD. You better be fast, quick strong and intellegent about the game You will struggle. The whole team will struggle. The school should have decided not to play the game. Kids as they get older; gett faster, quicker, jump higher and stronger. A frosh cannot compete against a senior unless the boy/girl is talented. I feel sorry for them. I don’t feel sorry for the winning coach; He is teaching the kids x’s and o’s. He is prepping the second stringers too. STALL.

  • Ryan Endler

    There are certain schools in the area that are good at football. Some are good at baseball. Holy Redeemer happens to be good at basketball. Like one of the posts already stated, when Redeemer got blown out in the majority of their football games when I went to school there from 09′ to 12′, no one would care. Just because Holy Redeemer has a good team doesn’t mean you should bash them for it. What would you like them to do when they have their rematch, sit the Royals out for 2/3 of the game?

  • NA

    The only “disgusting” thing here is you people who find this to be a big deal. Redeemer constantly gets blown out in football, nobody blinks an eye. They blow a team out in basketball, everybody loses their minds. Gimmie a break.

  • #FireParker

    As a Redeemer graduate, I’m embarrassed for what this team did to MMI. I understand playing to the final whistle, but winning by over 100 points, disgusting. I can’t wait til this team gets in states and is on the other end of the spectrum. Class act by Parker.

  • ball so hard

    As a coach in the HS system this is a very touchy topic. You have a team far superior in talent and depth. They have the ability to dominate teams at this level. They go into a game and play at their level. Then get criticized for doing such. The game is a no win situation for HR here. Two scenarios:
    1) They go in, do as they just did. Play hard, play the game, etc. They got their subs in, they pulled off their press, and made sure everyone saw time. At the end the score is as such and they get hammered by the press and the “fair play” people. Both teams worked hard, learned something.
    Scenario 2) They go into the game, sit the starters the whole game, play the subs, and make no effort on either end of the floor. Score remains “closer.” At the end of the game neither team gets anything out of if. HR wastes a day of their season, for the seniors one less day/game to play in their career. For, MMI they leave knowing that HR played a joke game, put no effort in and still beat them. Now you have MMI’s girls team knowing they were not taken serious and were still handed a loss. MMI gets nothing out of the game either.
    All in all, these things happen. It’s a part of the sport. Don’t think this happens only here in NEPA. Schools all across the nation have this happen. As a coach and a player I have been on both sides of the score and know how it feels. In the end games like these have no winners. But if I were MMI I’d rather them come in an play the game they are expected to play rather than be taken as a joke. All I’d ask is that the girls on HR play with respect and not joke about the score/advantage during the game. As a coach I’d find that as the ultimate sign of respect.
    To those whining and complaining, let it go. This whole, everything in life should be fair and equal crap is what is running society. By teaching these girls that everything can be made fair and easy in life is setting them up for failure and a rude awakening once they become adults.

  • Give me a f**king break

    So glad it’s just a game.

    Both teams came to play and did just that. No excuses. No apologies. Do your best.

  • Caelyn McGran

    As a player of the MMI team, I am proud of my team and the way we kept our heads up the entire game. Even though it wasn’t right for them to rack up all of these points we never gave up and kept playing as hard as we can. Holy Redeemer had their starters in for a majority of the game and even when they took them out their second string were just as good as the starters. We knew going in to this game we were not in favor to win but we never gave up. Redeemer is a great team and we wish them luck for the rest of the season but we will be looking forward to the rematch. #sevenstrong

      • Thank you and Good Luck :)

        I’ve been on the court against Redeemer. While it wasn’t basketball, it was a sport that they are just as good at. I just wanted to thank you for being so respectful and dignified about it. I know how hard it is to play against them (both physically and emotionally). And I know how it feels to lose to them as well as beat them. Please please PLEASE tell your team that they played fantastic! Any other team would’ve walked onto the court with the mindset that they had already lost. But you guys didn’t. You NEVER gave up. So congratulations to you all. And good luck with the rest of your season.

    • barbara mcgran

      As the mother of this young lady I am very proud of her and her teammates for how they have handled themselves on and off the court with all the media that is going on.

  • Charlie Brown

    I wonder what the Pope would think about this. I admire those courageous Prep girls for displaying grace, dignity, and sportsmanship while being cruelly and unnecessarily humilated. Prep was the winner here.

  • Xargent

    Unfortunately there was a lot of things besides playing subs that they could have done. Coach could have had them pass 10x before shooting, only allowed them to take left handed layups, the list goes on and on, But I suppose its a lot easier to just run up the score and embarrass the other team to prove the point that they shouldn’t be in that division. Great sportsmanship there Redeemer, you’ve made us proud.

    • Heather H

      So telling your players to take a dive is better? No ! Those girls didn’t ask to be moved down a divison or play as well as they do. I know the girls at Redeemer felt awful and didn’t want the MMI girls to feel badly.

      • BZ22

        No one suggested a dive. They could have used the game as a practice to work on situations, use the clock, etc. The Redeemer girls felt awful afterward? Too little too late!

    • Troll Hunter

      You’re exactly right. There were a lot of other ways to handle the situation. They had fun humiliating Prep. I’ve seen many blowout games before and it didn’t have to end that way.

    • Kuroko

      If I was one of the girls on the Prep team, I’d be glad to know that my opponents came at us with all they had, even if their strength overwhelmed us. That’s just showing that you respect your opponents and take them seriously, even if there is a gap in strength.
      I’d find it a lot more embarrassing to think that a team thought so little of us that they purposely played a sub-par game. That’s something neither team could feel good about.

      • Edward Lane

        I agree. I was much more demoralized at the Wyoming Area game treating us like the pathetic team from MMI Prep. Treat us like a competitive basketball team and bring on your best game.

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