Two Locked Up for Violent Robbery

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  • Francesca Zambrana

    Unfortunately I know the one scum bag and he’s been in and out of jail and I think he deserves to be there and stay because instead of getting better he’s getting worse… He will never learn.. and allot of people tried getting him help including me and he just doesn’t understand and probably never will..

  • These dudes ain't handsome in my opinion

    Jim Carey and Jeff Daniels are Dumb and Dumber

    These 2 guys in this report from looking at their pictures, in my opinion are Ugly and Uglier !

  • Cathy

    You are all feeling sorry for the victim but what all of you don’t know is that the “victim” is not a victim at all. He has a rap sheet a mile long and I’d be willing to bet money that this was a drug deal gone wrong.

  • Joe

    you ppl need help you guys judge ppl. how many of yous are perfect.? dont blame them blame the real criminal there envirerment. want change well start with yourselfs.!

  • Joeboo

    Rehabitation for the most part doesn’t work. Repeat offenders is the current deal. Another example of how our society will take care of the scum. It will cost taxpayers at least thirty thousand a year to keep these creeps!

  • john

    Went to high school with both of them ad lived near danny for a few years. Hes been in and out of trouble his entire life and in and out of lockup numerous times. They have both been locked up before. This is nothing now to them

    • truthbetold

      It’s sad. Just a few nites ago one of them were out on the street freezing because he burnt all his bridges. At least he is warm, fed, and has medical attention. Maybe something good can come out of this. We recently went thru this with a few young guys in our family and their friends. It’s no joke. No one trusts them anymore. You read too much in the news about the likes of adult children turning on the families, (and friends), who are trying to help them. I lived it. It comes down to self-preservation.

      • Ford

        I feel sorry for you and your families situation, but at some point people have to man-up on their own and take what is coming. These two do not deserve a warm bed, food, or medical attention. Did they give their victum the same care or thoughtfulness? I have lost all patience for people like this.

    • Baba Ganoush

      Actually, it’s a bit refreshing to see some home-grown trash in news, rather than always the filth from Jersey and New Yawk.

      • truthbetold

        Actually your donkey killers, rock throwers, and girl torchers WERE home grown. You have just as much home grown trash per capita as the cities have their thugs. Take your head out of that dark smelly place and you just might not be so ignorant!

      • Baba Ganoush

        “You have just as much home grown trash per capita as the cities have their thugs.”

        This is true, and with the addition of the urban trash we now how twice as much, thank you.

      • truthbetold

        ACTUALLY this stuff has been going on for decades. I am married to a local, and I was told you have had plenty of crime long before transplants came. More people, more crime. It’s about the numbers. In predominantly white areas who do you think are committing crime? Purple people eaters? The criminals match the demographic.

    • Ford

      I do not know what kind of a place you live in, but it not the PA I live in. I doubt these two would be considered “good people” anywhere. Kinda shows what type of person you are, just plain sad.

  • Reuben

    Look at the tough guy look on this Chris d-bag. Once he gets to prison they’ll wipe that look off of his face in a day. Deserves it.

    • Baba Ganoush

      “People who do this to others should be hanged and stoned publicly !”

      Are you the “rational” one in the family?

      • truthbetold

        “Two men are locked up in Luzerne County for a VIOLENT robbery” Can you read or not? So now you want them to have cookies and milk after they spend five minutes in the corner? I do believe young offenders have a chance at rehabilitation depending on what kind of crime(s) they committed, however, I understand where Good Grief is coming from. We are all tired of the depraved violence of these criminals, peddies, drug-dealers and other assorted standup members of society; regardless of age, color, gender, and creed.

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