Mall at Steamtown May Eliminate Parking Program

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SCRANTON -- The continuing bad news at The Mall at Steamtown may now affect employees at other businesses in downtown Scranton. The mall’s management gave word that it may eliminate its parking program for people who work near the mall.

Newswatch 16 has also learned that two more stores have left the troubled mall.

The Mall at Steamtown in Scranton will become even emptier by the end of the week. Employees at Lids, a kiosk that sells hats, were packing up inventory Tuesday and tell Newswatch 16 they plan to be out within the next few days.

Nathan’s Hot Dogs in the food court is also closed, leaving only two out of ten food court spots occupied.

There are 43 stores still open out of 72 storefronts.

Now, other changes at the mall may affect the rest of the city. The prime piece of real estate on Lackawanna Avenue also provides parking to some people who work at other businesses downtown.

For more than a decade, parkers got a pretty good deal. For $100 a month, parkers got a spot in the mall’s garage along with $100 worth of gift cards to be used at any store.

A person who uses the program showed Newswatch 16 a notice from the mall. They only have guaranteed spots through February. Then, the note says, the parking program will be "re-evaluated."

Tara Schuster works across from the mall and has parked in its garage for 11 years. Now, she will have to pay more money to park elsewhere and without the gift card perk.

Though, she’s running out of options for spending it.

“You know, Express closed, The Bon Ton closed, and now a couple other stores have also closed. Very inconvenient, hard to spend," Schuster said.

Newswatch 16 reached out to mall manager Clarence Banks to see what “re-evaluating" the parking program means. He did not return our calls.

The Mall at Steamtown is still up for sale.


  • thomasfielding211559375

    So I don’t get it. Exactly how does the mall enforce this? What’s to get them to find out someone parking there works across the street versus in the mall? If they actually employ anyone to enforce this, wow, what a waste of resources, considering the garage is never more than 1/2 full!

  • this is one of their prices, I love that place, but stop crying

    This girl has got to be kidding!! FREE INDOOR PARKING FOR OVER10 YEARS, and now the mall has to charge a fee to survive. And she is crying about it, OMG. The Spa Sampler


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  • Just shaking my head

    So let me understand that young lady, Tara, that works at Alexander’s. She has been paying $100 per month to park, then given back $100 dollars worth of gift cards to be used in any of the stores. She has been doing this for over 10 years, WOW !! But it’s an inconvenience now, because her favorite stores are out of business? ? Did I get that correct? That’s what she is inconvenienced by? My guess is the workers in those closed stores are a bit inconvenienced also, but prolly about more than where to park for free. Next time you dye your hair, please, just go straight to bleached blonde. I mean no disrespect to natural blondes.

    • joe

      what does “prolly” mean.
      i looked it up in the dictionary,you do know what that is right?
      but it’s not in there.
      now we’re writing in slang too?
      WTF,Americas future

      • joe

        no i don’t know what “YDYGFY” means because:
        i don’t wear a hat sideways on my head,
        my pants aren’t worn falling down,
        i don’t collect welfare,
        i’m educated and proud to show it,
        i know who my father is,
        i’ve never been arrested,
        i don’t wear ink on my body,
        i don’t show “colors”

      • Chris

        No, I don’t know what “YDYGFY” means because:
        I don’t wear a hat sideways on my head;
        My pants aren’t worn falling down;
        I don’t collect welfare;
        I’m educated and proud to show it;
        I know who my father is;
        I’ve never been arrested;
        I don’t wear ink on my body;
        I don’t show “colors”;

    • brandi

      This is true. They are nice by giving you the free gift cards. Use them before you lose them…. there’s still 43 stores. She can use them for gifts as well…. smh… society today

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