Mysterious Boom In Luzerne County

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LUZERNE COUNTY -- Call it the case of the mysterious boom.  Folks in the back mountain heard a loud rumble, some even saying it shook their home.

It takes a lot to wake up 12-year-old Kendra Steltz of Lake Township.

"I was sleeping and all I heard was a big bang," she said.

A big bang heard by more than just her. Many of you let Newswatch 16 know you heard the loud boom as well.

Police and emergency officials say several fire departments were dispatched to try to locate what the caused the boom in the back mountain, but they had no luck locating it. They couldn't find any damage either.

"Afterwards me and my daughter got into the car, and drove around the neighborhood to check out people's houses and we saw nothing else so it was a mystery to us what it possibly could have been," said Alice Steltz.

People in Lake Township say what's even more surprising, is that no one has been able to figure out what exactly it was

Beatrice Price of Lake Township heard it and she felt it too.

"Everything vibrated," explained Price. "It was short, it was a couple of seconds. Everything was vibrating."

Vibrating so much, that her cows and pigs took cover. And that's something she says she's never seen happen like this before.

"We have people that hunt, and target practice. There's guns, fireworks and it was way louder than that," Price added.

There's been plenty of accounts of what people thought they saw, like a smoke trail in the sky. Nothing has been confirmed at this time. So for now, everyone is left to their ideas on what it could possibly be.

"It sounded like an explosion," explained Price. "We have a gas place down the road. We thought maybe the gas place exploded, but there's no smoke or anything like that. So that was definitely not it."


  • Debbie

    That’s nothing new, we’ve been having that same situation in Pike County on and off for the past 6 to 8 months with no explanations. A rumble and a loud boom she’s the house. And it’s not just in one area but heard all over the county.

  • It was a metor fragment

    This happened in Williamsport around 1999 it was a meteor fragment boomed everything like nothing I ever heard before or since

    • Kenny

      Not sure why everybody is so baffled by this ? it’s 2015….Marty McFly is here with Jennifer. We have known this would happen for 30 years, doesn’t anybody pay attention !

  • Kate

    I love the people on here who say it was a sonic boom because of the chem/con trails. Having served, let me explain that the speed an aircraft needs to go (750 mph) in order to go supersonic would vaporize any moisture in the air behind it due to heat. Not to mention the point of making chem trails is to ‘seed’ the atmosphere for weather and at the rate of speed a jet needs reach to create the sonic boom what would be the point of seeding?

    • Russ

      The heating of the air from a supersonic aircraft passing through it would be negligible. The vapor trail is caused by the moisture from combustion condensing in the cold air. Moisture can also be condensed from the air by the delta P, the change in pressure from the shock wave. The speed of sound is variable based on temperature and pressure. If you were a rated pilot, you would know all that. The fact remains that no one really knows what the sound was caused by.

  • Grace

    Lol, it’s called a sonic boom from a jet breaking the sound barrier. Happened a couple years ago while I was in Maryland, vibrated our whole apartment. We thought someone crashed into it at first. This is not news, though it is a pretty crazy experience.

  • Accountant78

    It’s really sad to see so many people making fun of where they are from. You are just making fun of yourself. There are way worse places to live than NEPA. When I go back and visit, I enjoy it. People just can’t help themselves but read a perfectly normal article and use it as an excuse to let everyone know how miserable they are. Sad.

  • Mad In Hazleton

    Mysterious Boom In Luzerne County………………………………….
    Good grief, have people become that stupid???????It was an aircraft of some kind going supersonic, you can see the contrail for crying out loud….no wonder this area gets laughed at by the rest of the world…

      • Jon Quinn

        You are. The SR-71 could make contrails, and the pilots even had a periscope so they could see what was going on behind them. They had chemicals and could adjust the engine air flow as well as move to different altitudes to eliminate contrails.

      • Mad In Hazleton

        Oh yes they are talking to an ex military man…you just don’t hear them because 1. they are flying so high, and 2. they are not supposed to do that over most of the country…
        So Echo, I’d say you are the stupid one…but then again you are from Pa…I understand…

      • Mad In Hazleton

        Let me egimacate you..hahahaha. A contrail is nothing more then cold air hitting hot engine exhaust…so if a war plane is going supersonic, don’t you think that engine exhaust may be just a little hot…… you stand corrected.

      • Jody

        Contrails are what come from jet planes. They are natural and caused by hot exhaust meeting cold air at altitude, and they dissipate quickly.
        Chemtrails are not natural and rather than dissipate they spread out. They are caused by whatever crap the government is spraying us with.

  • will

    doesnt anyone seethe chemtrails…supposed geoengineering program….boom….you tube source everyone and me.

  • Gary Pierce

    Go find out which kids or adults (?) are shooting tannerite. Out grandkids shoot it 3 miles away and it shakes our house. Stuff has got to banned.

    • David w

      Prolly someone playing with perfectly legal tannerite.
      It could also be a sparkler bomb.
      sparkler bomb-
      A roll of duct tape and a lot of sparklers wrapped air tight with a sparkler for a fuse.
      it can blow a hole in the ground.

      you should use the metal sparklers.

  • Bobby Boucher

    I was in my kitchen the other day, I heard a really loud boom. I turned around and realized my dog farted.

  • chris

    Most likely a meteorite breaking the sound barrier. Happened here about 5 years ago. No big deal really, but of course this is major news in this area sadly.

  • Lisa Wilson

    A sonic boom, perhaps? The smoke trail in the sky leads me to believe it is plausible a jet may have broken the sound barrier, causing the noise, vibration and smoke trail.

    • toni

      That does not mean it can’t happen. Folk are flawed, people do stupid stuff. I lived in Atlanta and it happened 2x in 5 years.

  • Josh

    I heard it as clear as day, i was around 3:15-3:30, i was out with my dog. It sounded a lot like underground blasting but there is none of that going on here. It sounded like it was in the Kunkle area to me.

  • stephen

    cryoseism, also known as an ice quake or afrost quake,[1][2] may be caused by a suddencracking action in frozen soil or rocksaturated with water or ice.[3] As water drains into ground, it may eventually freeze and expand under colder temperatures, puttingstress on its surroundings. This stress builds up until relieved explosively in the form of a cryoseism.[4]

  • tracy houtz

    Here in Renovo,pa around 12:30 1:00 in the afternoon my husband was sitting in our living room and there was a big boom also no clue of were it was or what it was

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