Drivers Crossing State Line to Fuel Up

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STROUDSBURG - In the new year, expect to see prices at the pump to get a little more painful here in PA.

An oil tax enacted by Governor Corbett to help repair roads and bridges across the state, will go up in 2015, raising prices at the pump.

There's a long line of cars with Pennsylvania Plates waiting to fuel up.

But this is across the state line in New Jersey!

Jim Fleming from Mount Bethel says it's the only place he pulls up to the pump.

"This is the only place I buy fuel, is shell right here. I've had this truck for six months, and this is the only place I buy gas all the time," said Fleming.

That's because gas here at this shell station is $0.26 cheaper than in PA.

And it's a short five-mile drive to the Garden State from his home. Even the toll on the Delaware Water Gap Bridge doesn't bother him.

"What's $1.50 When you are going to save $10 in gas," said Fleming.

PA's new tax on fuel is partially to blame for the price difference, that raised prices 10 cents a gallon last January and it's about to increase again in the New Year.

Joe Digiacinto lives in Mount Bethel and says he's happy to drive to Jersey for the better prices.

"They pump it for me and it's 20 cents a gallon cheaper at least so I make sure I get it here," said Digiacinto.

Beginning January 1 the taxes we pay at pump here in PA will go up again, by about a dime to help fund repairs to mostly crumbling bridges, highways across the state.

"Pay for the bridges? They don't get enough money? What is this another politicians deal here?" said Fleming.

This $2.49 per gallon price will go up. Kevin O'Malley of Stroudsburg says it's enough to keep him fueling up elsewhere.

"I don't support a gas tax increase in Pennsylvania, I happen to work in New Jersey and already buy all my gas in New Jersey when I can," said O'Malley.

O'Malley says with this 2015 increase and another tax increase planned for 2017, he expects to see even longer lines and more pa plates here in New Jersey for fuel in the new year.

"It's already a $0.25 cent savings so, you know if we start looking at $0.40 cents, you're going to be sending a lot of people.  It will be worth the trip," said O'Malley.


  • Keith Hinkel

    The current gasoline tax in Pa totals .51 cents/gal plus the new tax. This total tax is ALL to be delegated for road repairs. Yeah right! Figure it out–13 million folks in Pa, divide by 5, get the amount of possible vehicles owned, then figure, ah easy gallons, say, 50 galls/week use per vehicle. ==50 galls x .51cents/gal=approx. $25.00 tax on that fill up. Now times by 2.0 million vehicles per week at 50 gallons [ minimum usage] = [ ready?]=$50,000,000/tax $ weekly!!! Do we really spend all that $$$ on road repairs??? I think not.

  • Callmemrright

    Justmytwocents do you realize infrastructure deteriorates! The concrete on a bridge deck is lucky to last 20 years times that by say 10,000 bridges in PA

  • Callmemrright

    Pennsylvania has more bridges then the other states also don’t forget. And ok mr wolf appeal obamacare along with this road tax. And don’t get comfortable with low gas prices as it’s not going to last long and I’ll bet $1000 it’s back over $4 gallon by 2016

    • BZ622

      The Tunkhannock Viaduct is 100 years old this year. It took three years to build and trains are still crossing it today. PennDOT couldn’t build a similar structure today in that length of time with all our technology and equipment!

  • justmy2sense

    i thought the fuel surcharge that has been in effect for about 20 yrs now was supposed to go for the road and bridge repairs, where is all of that money???

  • Marc Miller

    On Dec 26th, gas was $1.82 per gallon in suburban Columbus, Ohio. Upon arriving back in Williamsport, PA later that same day, gas was $2.57 per gallon. A 75 cent per gallon difference!! Ohio roads are in better condition than those in PA. PA needs better and more efficient utilization of road funding. Not just additional tax increases.

  • Callmemrright

    Well unfortunately Pennsylvania has so many bridges in the “F” Grade that this petty fuel tax will never be able to fix them. All your doing by waiting in a line in jersey probably your savings going out the tailpipe is helping fix their roads and bridges so move there if it’s so great

    • BZ622

      Where has all that money for all those repairs gone over the years? Did we ever think we’d be going to NJ or NY for cheap gas? Look at the road construction going on in those states. More efficient, complex and completed in half the time. Projects in the Scranton area have taken a lifetime and then considered complete without paving and finishing. It’s a joke!

  • Swampdonkey

    Problem is government paychecks and pensions exceed the need for what should be 10 fold.
    Get rid of the system it failed already, get the prisoners on the job to earn their keep.
    Crime would drop real fast. Most important Government jobs overall cost scr ew the taxpayer
    when they are meant to serve the taxpayer.

  • Franko

    Our gas goes up because of our stupid gas tax becoming 60-cents per gallon — The Highest In The Entire Country !!!
    NJ Gas is always cheaper because they have a cheaper gas tax, their roads are funded not only by their fuel tax but also by their tolls and other taxes — Don’t forget, they get part of the toll money from the George Washington Bridge, which costs truckers over $100 every time they cross plus the $15 per car that they get as well, so they get enough money to fix their roads, unlike PA, who was getting fuel tax money all these years but because of a loophole in their own laws, they were allowed to siphon money from the fuel tax fund to go and fund other non-road programs…
    We are paying for the ignorance and greed of our governors over the past 40 years, both Democrat and Republican…

    • Swampdonkey

      2 truck drivers compare checks the guy that has 6 kids gets $400 more in take home pay,
      the other guy has no kids…he pays the other’s Bumcarehealth and he does not get it back at the end of the year.In fact the other guy get huge return on top of it all. NOW THATS A NEWS STORY!

  • Happy New Year

    Pottsville Republican reported that a small portion of this tax is going for railroads & airports

    WTF it was supposed to be used to fix our road. (PERIOD)then they announced it was being used for new road projects
    I think a big portion went into Corbett’s fat pockets, remember the raise he gave himself right after this was passed

    • BZ622

      We pay for their gas and expenses so what do they care. That vote didn’t affect them one bit. When questioned, we didn’t even get a response. The “Let them eat cake” attitude.

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