Homeless Man Given $100, Secretly Followed To See How He Would Spend It

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*WNEP does not endorse the solicitation of funds at the end of this YouTube video.

LOS ANGELES (WGN-TV) — What would a homeless person do with $100? Josh Paler Lin claims he wanted to find out.

So, he picked a homeless person at random — a man named Thomas. He gave him $100 and then secretly followed him with a camera to see what he would do.

How he spends the money will warm your heart.

Now some folks on social media claim that Lin’s video is staged, but only time will tell.  What isn’t staged is that warm feeling inside you get when you watch this video.

The video was posted to YouTube Monday, and it has been viewed more than 2 million times and counting.

A link posted in the description has information on how folks can help Thomas by making a donation.

The campaign had a $10,000 goal and after 24 hours of the video being posted online, it exceeded that goal.


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  • Bleh

    Josh payler is famous within the youtube community as is a known social warrior, philanthropists.

    This does not shock me, and is not from NEPA.

    This is a real thing. The link was probably removed because the goal was reached, and he does have paid sponsors. Yes this is how he earns money, but it is never staged. And he returns alot to those in need.

    • Corrupt NEPA

      “the link was removed because the goal was reached”. Not likely. They received over $60,000 dollars (goal was only $10,000) and the link was still imbedded in the original story by WNEP. The linked was removed at the same time WNEP added the disclaimer which was after I contacted them.
      I still say, follow the donated money. There is the story.

    • Kevin

      If “Josh is famous” for this type of stuff then why is the opening line in the link to donate “This is the FIRST time I am doing something like this”.
      This feels fake.
      How do you know he never stages these videos ? Is it you ?

  • Corrupt NEPA

    I contacted WNEP. They removed the “link” for donations and placed a “disclaimer ” of endorsement. Someone should ” follow the money”. That would be a story.

  • Corrupt NEPA

    We live in a cynical age. This contribution link is high tech and pretty slick. I would some validation that Thomas is real and this money gets to him. Sorry to be so cautious.

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