Food Bank Gives Extra For The Holidays

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LEWISBURG -- People who stopped by the Lewisburg food pantry's biweekly food distribution received a special Christmas treat. In addition to their normal bags of food, people got extra food for the holidays, toys, and books for their children.

Dozens of people stood in line outside the First Baptist Church of Lewisburg where the Lewisburg food pantry is. They were in line to get their biweekly bags of food.

"Oh, it's real nice. I've been coming for about 20 years," said John Hine.

What they didn't see was people dropping off extra food to the food pantry for Christmas.

"As you can see by the line outside, for two hours we'll be busy straight. And there is a lot of need," said food program director Kathy Storm.

Storm calls Lewisburg a generous community and says many local businesses donated to give the less fortunate extra food and goodies this holiday season.

"It will be a well-rounded, heavy bag."

After people got their food, they were able to go Christmas shopping for their children. They could pick two toys and one book.

"Clothes for the kids, it's a really cool community to live in that steps up to help the people who are less fortunate," Storm said.

The Lewisburg food pantry serves around 500 families in eastern Union County including James Moyer.

"It helps me plan my meals and everything else."

Moyer did not take any of the toys but he says he is grateful for the extra food, especially the ham.

"I get whatever they put in the bag. I work around it. What I don't use, I give to someone who can use it."

People say they are grateful the local businesses came together to make sure they have a Merry Christmas.

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  • Deborah

    I truly appreciate the stories about local food banks helping out communites, however this story bothered us because one man interviewed stated he had been coming for 20 years. Twenty years of need?!
    Seemed more of a person taking advantage of something then needing something. :-(

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