Wolf Talks Budget Woes And Kathleen Kane

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KINGSTON -- The next governor of Pennsylvania visited our area on Thursday.

Democrat Tom Wolf is going around the state talking about the financial future of the commonwealth.

Governor-elect Wolf was in Kingston to bring the message that Pennsylvania is facing a $2 billion deficit in the next budget year.

But as he travels the state to talk budget issues, he's also being hit with questions about a political hot topic: Attorney General Kathleen Kane.

Wolf rode his Jeep into his victory celebration last month. Now the governor-elect says he's riding into a financial mess in Pennsylvania

In Kingston, he pointed out an estimated $2 billion deficit facing the next state budget year.

Wolf says he's traveling the state to make the problem known but isn't yet ready to offer solutions. He says he is ready to work with the Republican-controlled legislature in the capitol to fix it.

"My point right now is to not talk about solutions, but talk about that we have a problem. That's the first step in the process of getting to a much better place for Pennsylvania," Wolf said.

And there may be another political problem in the Democratic party: Attorney General Kathleen Kane.

At media events to talk about the budget, Wolf has been repeatedly asked about Kane.

"Does she have your support?"

"I'm letting the system take its course. I've already weighed in enough on that," Wolf replied.

This week, two high-profile Philadelphia Democrats were critical of Kane.

U.S. Representative Robert Brady told the Philadelphia Inquirer he lost faith in the Scranton native, saying she's "asleep at the switch."

In announcing bribery charges against two state lawmakers from Philadelphia Tuesday, the district attorney blasted Kane's controversial move to drop that case.

"I think she's doing the best job she can," Wolf said about Kane. "I have a particular issue with some of the things she was doing in this particular case. But I think we have a system in place that will hold her to account, and ultimately, the voters will hold her to account."

We tried to get a comment from Kathleen Kane's office, but haven't heard back.

As for Governor-elect Wolf, he's focusing on drawing attention to the budget issues he says he's inheriting. Any deficit needs to be resolved by the state budget deadline of July 1.



    What they did with all the money is beyond me much like all the casino money Rendell promised would help that all went to Philly to put up street lights so they could see too shoot each other better

  • Randy

    Dear Tom,
    I certainly hope that you will look into TAX Cuts, we the people of the common Wealth are TAX out, even government spend cuts are not good, “Buying Power” and lower prices are needed, lets face it Big Companies and Government have been working against the people, lets face it Taxes and Commodities are through the ceiling “A Big Problem” The people are reluctant to buy over priced items, on the other hand “Lower Taxes” more Buying Power, Buying Power brings in more Taxes, Lets face it people are traveling to NJ to buy gas, why it is “40 cents cheaper” you are losing big money in that area, Pa. has been raising Taxes for years and the deficit has still been getting bigger, as for salary cut they only cut out “buying Power” save one area and lose in many areas. I hope you will move slow on decisions that effect Pa citizens, Taxes are not always the solution to a problem.

    • poonus

      heavy lifting translates in to tax increases- expect an 60-80% tax hike from this guy- I also expect a lot of people like my self to exit PA when they start doing this- this is why so many people have left Scranton (high taxes with little or no returns -just like tossing out cash for gas taxes with PA roads that never get fixed! just how many times can you fix I81??? seriously? )…most people will leave PA and go where the money is- tax hikes will be another coffin nail for PA. it’s funny most of my friends voted for this guy because of his making pot legal- I don’t see him doing anything but sticking to the working man- if they are willing to give up rights for warm fuzzy feelings good luck with that.

    • cast0ff

      so being uninformed as i am it makes it ok for these business’s to rape our land and pollute it, while paying the state nothing for the luxury? ok, got it now.


    So what your saying is taxing the frackers is the solution castoff? Much like Rendell taking the govt bailout money to make his budget look more in the black? It’s not the solution as it won’t be here forever trust me I should know a little on this. However if we can use that money to fund for now and when it runs out well just raise the property taxes or income taxes that will work

  • A

    So is this saying the lady who ran on the platform of fixing Pa corruption, dropped the charges on two who were corrupt? She should appoint task for to go district to district asking the voters about leads on corrupt judges and lawyers. FIX THE PROBLEM THAT THE COMMON PERSON ON THE STREET KNOWS IS THERE!. I just hope Wolf lives up to the hype and doesn’t turn out to be another Obama.

    • poonus

      the guy’s whole campaign was based on how he’s going to make big oil pay for everything, sticking it to the man…and some people actually believe this guy isn’t going to raise taxes… just so you can get you some pie..Obama promised the moon too- see how that worked out? where’s everyone’s free car payment, rent, obama phone and free healthcare?

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