Give a Pet a Home for the Holiday

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STROUD TOWNSHIP -- Lots of boys and girls ask for a pet for Christmas, but many times the animals end up not being suitable for the household.

Now a shelter in Monroe County has a program that if the pets for Christmas don't work, you can return them.

Locked behind metal bars, furry cats and playful pups wait for a family to give them a home. But AWSOM Animal Shelter near Stroudsburg is also looking to give these pets a home for the holidays.

It's the fifth annual holiday foster program. It lets these pets celebrate the season somewhere more comfortable.

"They pick them up on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday and then we ask for them to be brought back the following weekend," said Shelter Manager Kim Loffio.

A cat named Eve is anxious to make a friend. She's one of a few dozen cats still available to take home this holiday.

At least a dozen dogs are still looking for homes as well.

Volunteer Laura Van Gilder says going 'Home for the Holidays' is the perfect gift for these guys.

"Sometimes the animals need a break from the shelter.  It`s a pretty stressful environment for them and they are unable to show their true colors as part of the family," said VanGilder.

This is the fifth year AWSOM has had the home for the holidays program and last year it was so successful that 22 of these guys forever homes.

"It actually gives the families time to realize that this animal works for them.  The cat fits in with their other cats, or the dog is right with the kids," said Loffio.

And while the pets are away, the volunteers will be hard at work.

Cleaning the shelter, installing new floors, and putting a new heating system in the kennel.

Volunteers are encouraging animal lovers to consider helping out these animals, still hoping for a Christmas at home. "It can be a very rewarding way to give back," said VanGilder.

For more information and a foster application, click here.


  • Julie

    Whoever threw “Tank the Cat” out the window like a piece of trash, I hope that it gets done to them. I would be honored to be the one to do it to them too!!!

  • diane

    This is a great idea!! Hopefully people will look into this before buying your child a pet that might end up in the shelter when they don’t want it anymore after Christmas! If you are thinking about getting your child a pet please make the commitment!!!!!

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