Public Gets Some Answers About Missing Money In Lackawaxen Township

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LACKAWAXEN TOWNSHIP -- Lackawaxen Township officials say it should never happen again.

They were joined by state police at a township meeting Monday night to explain to taxpayers how $220,000 was allegedly swiped from the community in the Hawley area.

"This situation is one where obviously it is a trauma to the community because public trust has been violated," said Lt. Chris Paris of the state police out of the Blooming Grove barracks.

Former township secretary Shawn Roe is accused of stealing the money over a 10-year period by writing checks to herself and by using a PayPal account.

She was fired last year.

Investigators said it took a time-consuming audit to uncover all the stolen money.

Folks in the community showed up at the township meeting to ask questions, give their opinions, and offer advice.

"In my opinion, there's not enough oversight here before the final payment is made," said Dorothy Kerkowski of Lackawaxen Township.

"Do you intend to set up different kinds of audits, ones that really go in depth to what's going on in any organization? I'm talking about moving forward," asked another person in the crowd.

A township supervisor now handles the money. There are filing cabinets that hold financial records and a new safe.

Supervisors also said all checks will be signed in public at monthly meetings.

"We're looking into doing more, but it's a matter of working with the auditors and they have given us a list of what we should do and what we shouldn't do and that's what we're following," said Township Supervisor Bob Cocchi.

"I think we can look to the community or look to some committee, audit committee, to help us as a township to implement these changes and make things more transparent," said Township Supervisor Mike Mancino.

Township supervisors also said they expect to get back all the stolen money.

Shawn Roe is out on bail until her next court appearance in Pike County.


  • Greg B.

    “Township supervisors also said they expect to get back all the stolen money.” LOL – yeah, right. If (when) that woman is convicted, she’ll probably have to pay back like $50 a month. Good luck with that.

  • Swampdonkey

    From what i’ve gathered in my town, the next town over,,,then the next…every one is a potential thief. This includes over charging businesses that do it legally.
    A liib-democratic standard is strong here, soon to devour itself.

  • We don't need Corruption

    How can there be such a problem over 10 years? Corruption is caused by a lack of supervision, Let face it, poor planning, poor communication, lack of supervision, but not least “temptation”, You need a person that is responsible and to be “bonded for trust”, so in the event should funds disappear the bonding company would be there to repay for the theft or loss of monies, Another thing is this person has collect this money and has failed to claim it through Federal Taxes, which crime violated.

  • Nobody Important

    ITS NOT THE ONLY TOWNSHIP. Start doing random audits of others I don’t know start with even Wapwallopen and lets just make sure there books are in order. I am safe to say in this county corruption appears to be EVERYWHERE!!!!

  • Bob

    Again, one more backwoods mom and pop company who didn’t audit their books and put all their trust in one person. I say it over and over again…if they would have regularly audited their books they would have caught this early on. Of course, what should we expect from a county as backwoods as Pike County? Remember, these are the same hicks who are going to attempt prosecuting Eric Frein. If they can’t successfully do something as simple as audit books, how can they prosecute a case like that?

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