DA: Police Shooting Justified

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HANOVER TOWNSHIP -- Authorities in Luzerne County now say a police shooting last month was justified.

The district attorney's office says Bong Bob Kim tried to run over two Wilkes-Barre police officers at a busy shopping plaza in Hanover Township.

That's when an officer fired three shots, hitting Kim once.

That officer, identified as Joseph Sinavage, has been cleared of any wrongdoing.


  • Mikey

    Drug dealer attempts to run over cops. Cop shoots to stop drug dealer from trying to run him over. Move on to the next case, this isn’t a “cover up” or “hate crime” etc.

  • tom

    There should have no question about it-a ridiculous waste of time and taxpayers money.The police certainly were justified.One wonders if this scumbag weren’t a minority,would there have been this stupid investigation.

  • Walls R Closing In

    Maybe that was justified, but what about the truck driver who was pulled over near Buckhorn on Interstate 80 (by a town cop) and was shot? It seems as if you’re issued a badge you can choose if one is worthy of life.

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