Tanis Found Guilty Of Animal Abuse Charges

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SCRANTON -- A jury in Lackawanna County convicted a dog owner Tuesday afternoon of animal cruelty charges.

John Tanis was found guilty of mistreating the animals at his home in Moosic.

Tanis of Moosic was found guilty of five counts of animal cruelty. The jury deliberated for about an hour and a half.

With the case behind them, Lackawanna County prosecutors characterized Tanis’ home in Moosic as a "puppy mill."  They told Newswatch 16 Tanis neglected just certain types of dogs.

Members of the animal rights group Tracey’s Hope filled the courtroom hoping they’d hear that guilty verdict. It had big implications for them. The victims of this animal cruelty case have become their foster pets.

Since Moosic Police started investigating John Tanis’ latest animal cruelty case in 2012, Tracey’s Hope has fostered 30 of his dogs.

“He needs help and we understand that, but we’re just happy and elated that we got the dogs. They're safe, they're happy and they will never have to endure the abuse that they had endured at his home,” said Denise Kumor, CEO of Tracey's Hope.

A jury found Tanis guilty of neglecting and starving five of his dogs.

Prosecutors said he had 13 dogs at his house on Main Street in Moosic. The dogs were all of different breeds and different ages, but the only dogs found to be sickly and starved were adult Weimaraner.

“He was producing puppies and he picked and chose who he wanted, what breed he wanted,” said Assistant District Attorney Robert Klein.

Prosecutors made that point in closing arguments, saying Tanis neglected the dogs that may have been less valuable to him.

Though Tanis did not take the stand, and his defense attorney didn’t call any other witnesses, Tanis has maintained that the five dogs he was charged with abusing were poisoned by someone else.

Jurors did not buy that story. Now, Tracey’s Hope will wait to see if they can keep Tanis’ dogs.

Prosecutors said Tracey’s Hope will have to wait until Tanis’ sentencing in a few months to see if they can officially take ownership of 30 dogs they have taken from Tanis’ home, but it is unlikely that Tanis will be allowed to keep dogs as a condition of his sentence.

John Tanis is still locked up awaiting bail.


  • Tanya Meeth

    Let me ask you a question. IF this is wrong, then what about what happens in slaughterhouses?
    What makes that better? No animal, ever, under any circumstance, is here for our use. You can’t just be compassionate towards those animals you consider pets. Eating animals, forcing them to breed, forcing them to lactate, living lives full of suffering, being castrated and mutilated and treating them as commodities is sick and immoral no matter how much you like how they taste. To the non-vegans out there: Please don’t pretend like you care about animal rights. You don’t. If you did, you wouldn’t be eating them. Please go vegan. It’s easy. It’s humane. Do it for the animals, for the earth and for yourself. If you aren’t aware of the suffering caused by our food choices, please see the documentaries: “Earthlings” and/or “Cowspiracy” for starters.

  • dorpmuller

    [Hermann Göring on a Radio broadcast of 28. August 1933]
    »It is simply not in accordance with the German character, much less is it in accordance with the National-Socialist ideals on human spirituality, to equate animals with lifeless objects and permit their owners absolute jurisdiction over them«

    Volksgenossen! [Fellow Germans] Since the day I announced my edict against the torture of animals regarding vivisection, a flood of letters and telegrams has come to my office, agreeing enthusiastically, expressing their gratitude over my decision that, finally, stringent steps were taken to end the torture of animals. My edict may have come as a surprise like lightening out of a blue sky. For years the struggle against vivisection has been going on. Much was said about it in scientific and unscientific discussions, but nothing was done about it. The National-Socialist Government was aware from the first day, that severe measures had to be inaugurated, yet, it took month until such a law, with all its ramifications, could be passed.

    In order to prevent the spreading of torture to animals before such law could be passed, I issued this decree, making use of a right that is accorded to me, to put violators, who still think they can treat animals as a lifeless commodity, into protective custody or a concentration-camp.”

    He had it right.

  • what an idiot

    He shouldnt be in jail, thats too good for him. He should be locked in a yard with a pack of rabid wolves.

    Here’s to hoping he gets everything he deserves.

  • E

    YAY, Enjoy your extended stay In county John boy!!! Thank God in the Justice system for lettings these dogs stay where they are today to have great lives they deserve!

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