Cyber Monday Also A Busy Day In The Stores

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SCRANTON -- It is Cyber Monday, one of the biggest online shopping days of the year, but in Pennsylvania it is also the first day of deer season, where people off work and school who aren't going into the woods, often head to the malls.

We found a lot of shopping habits are changing but many are staying the same.

The Viewmont Mall in Lackawanna County was a busy place on this Cyber Monday. Not everyone was sitting in front of their computer searching for deals. For some it's a tradition on this first day of deer season in Pennsylvania to head to the stores.

"Guys are home hunting, doing their thing. We're out doing ours," said Diana Swendsen of Tyler Hill.

Then there are shoppers like Chyann Phillips of Jermyn. She does a lot online but had to bring the kids to meet Santa. She found a crowd.

"It's pretty much packed up here," she said.

Just about everything you see you can buy online, but at Best Buy they believe there's a reason shoppers still come to the store. Things look a lot different in person.

"You can get all of this online but people want to feel it first. They want to see what they buy before they actually purchase it," said Best Buy worker Edmund Brogenski.

Best Buy had a long line of shoppers Thanksgiving night wanting to get in for deals. Workers say the crowds continued all weekend.

"Absolutely crazy, the amount of traffic in this building. People were excited about the technology we have in our buildings," Brogenski said.

Nationally, the number of people shopping in stores was down over the Thanksgiving weekend compared to past years. All the online sales during and before the weekend are partially to blame.

But we found shoppers who follow that Best Buy theory.

"I actually looked online quick, but there were some things I wanted to be able to see in person. I wanted to be able to flip it over and read the back of the box just to make my decision," said Brian McCormack of Scranton.

At the mall, Cyber Monday isn't for everyone.

"I know a lot of people that do (shop online) but I kind of like to see it, touch it, feeling… That's just my personal opinion," said Diana Swendsen of Tyler Hill.


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