Ferguson Grand Jury: No Indictment in Michael Brown Shooting Case

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FERGUSON, Missouri (CNN) — A Missouri grand jury has decided not to indict Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson in the August 9 shooting death of Michael Brown, St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch said Monday night.

After an “exhaustive review,” the jurors deliberated for two days, he said. The grand jurors are “the only ones who have heard all the evidence,” McCulloch said.

Brown’s father is “devastated” that Wilson will not face charges, a spokeswoman for Michael Brown Sr. told CNN’s Evan Perez.

“While we understand that many others share our pain, we ask that you channel your frustration in ways that will make a positive change. We need to work together to fix the system that allowed this to happen,” the family said in a statement.

The issue has become a flashpoint for racial tension in the St. Louis suburb; Brown was black and Wilson is white.

Brown’s father and others have called for calm ahead of the grand jury’s decision, which has left the community on edge amid concerns over the possibility of violent protests.

The fatal encounter that ended with the shooting of Michael Brown by officer Darren Wilson was brief, lasting less than two minutes, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

Brown, an unarmed black teen, was shot by Wilson, a white police officer, on August 9 in Ferguson, Missouri.

His death led to months of sometimes violent protests in the St. Louis suburb. A grand jury could decide at any moment whether to indict Wilson.

The Post-Dispatch’s report came from interviews and analysis of police and EMS records obtained through Missouri’s Sunshine Law. The newspaper cited police station surveillance video showing Wilson after the killing and dispatcher audio before and after the shooting.

How did it all start?

The fateful incident started with a dispatcher’s report of a “stealing in progress” at a market in Ferguson, according to the report. The dispatcher said the suspect — a black male in a white T-shirt — had stolen a box of cigars and was with another man.

A lawyer for Brown’s friend, Dorian Johnson, has said that the two were at the market that day.

At noon, Wilson radioed that he had just completed a separate incident involving a sick baby, and asked officers in the market incident whether they needed help, according to the report.

Two minutes later, at 12:02 p.m., Wilson asked for “another car” and said he was “on Canfield with two,” according to the report, referring to a street near where the fatal encounter occurred.

“His call triggered at least two officers to head his way, including one who said he was close to Wilson,” the newspaper said.

Request for backup

The paper said that Wilson told investigators he had stopped the two for walking in the middle of the street. Shortly after that, he asked for backup, according to the paper.

But the stories on both sides quickly diverge from there.

Johnson has told CNN that they told the officer they were almost at their destination and would be out of the street shortly. But the officer grabbed Brown by the neck and drew his gun, eventually shooting Brown, according to Johnson.

“At no point in time did they struggle over the weapon because the weapon was already drawn on us,” Johnson has said.

Wilson has provided a different version of events.

He said Brown charged at him, prompting him to fire multiple times, the Post-Dispatch reported. Before Wilson fired, they struggled over his gun, according to the police account.

‘There’s gonna be a problem’

At 12:03 p.m., a witness tweeted that he just saw someone die, according to the report’s timeline.

If their times match up, Brown’s fatal shooting happened less than two minutes after Wilson said he was “on Canfield with two.”

An unidentified officer then arrived and asked where “the other one” was, in apparent reference to Johnson. Seconds later, an officer asked the dispatcher to send a supervisor to the scene.

A dispatcher called for an ambulance at 12:05 p.m. and mistakenly reported that someone was Tasered, according to the paper, which was shortly followed by an officer’s request for more units.

“There’s gonna be a problem,” the officer said, as a woman screamed in the background.

Two hours after the shooting, Wilson, some officers and a union lawyer left the police station for the hospital, according to the report.

Response from Brown family lawyers

Attorneys for Brown’s family accused the Ferguson Police Department of vilifying the teen.

“Information was leaked from within the police department that Wilson was severely beaten and suffered an orbital eye socket ‘blowout,’ indicating that Michael Brown somehow deserved to die,” they said in a statement. “From the video released today it would appear the initial descriptions of his injuries were exaggerated”

They said the report highlights that the encounter had nothing to do with the shoplifting incident.


  • Mr Magoo

    Rev Al is nothing but an opportunistic parasite that only pops up on happenings such as this one.. As to the Thug who got his brains blew out….that’s what can happen when you commit a felony robbery and then when confronted by the police you punch the cop in the face and fight with him or her..

  • kathryn mcdade

    We the people deserve to hear what the witness have to say about what happen to a young man, teenage who deserved to have had a second chance when he had his hands up in the air, do not shoot. The autopsy report shows that he deliberate meant to kill that child. The size of a of a person does not give anyone a reason to be killed or shot, he had a young looking face, anyone that has any sense knew he was a young child and needed to have a second chance. To Michael Brown family you have my most sincere sympathy, I wish that there was something that could be done as far as that police officer what he did to your child. I am a mother and have two sons, older and a younger son. NO, it is not right, he does need to go to the trial, we the people only heard his side of the story and not what the witnesses have to say, they saw what really happened. Where is the camera report from the police car that supposedly have happen where Michael Brown was struggling with the police officer, Darren Wilson? We the people need to know the real truth! Was it a 100 feet or 8-10 feet when he shot and killed Michael Brown? Just some of the questions that were not answered.

  • Mrs. Cindersoot

    Hello Everyone! I trust everyone feels the pain to watch the news today …. Snow is on the way !!
    Oh, and how about that Darren Wilson verdict ? What a volatile decision ?
    Well, I know most of you await my opinion. While I haven’t heard it all, it is my belief Officer Darren Wilson was justified to blow the snots out of that hoodlum. I know. I know. That’s quite a statement.
    Ive decided to start a new club …. The Legal Eagles. We have a few retired paralegals in our Raccoon Rifle Club that will preside as Chair (Beverly) and Co-Chair (Hilda) of the new club.
    We’ll focus on controversial legal disputes in the news and render our opinion to all you fans.
    In the mean time …. No riots, No Lootin or the Laws gonna come shootin!!!
    Ya hear that Sharpton?


    Hey Rev. Al …………. Where were you back in May 2014 when the Black 16 year old with the dreds, shot and killed Mr. Darbenzio the white cab driver ? Shot and killed him because as the thug told the camera “That is what happens when someone doesn’t listen to me ” Why didn’t you fly in and comfort the Darbenzio family and tell your race to stop doing things like that so they don’t get sterotyped and so you have genuine non racial credibility !

  • Solomon Grundy

    They are all misbehaved savages….What do you expect.. Their jungle tendencies are showing now….They are a disgrace to their own race….If they dont like the decision….Swim back to Africa…..We dont care….Im glad the grand jury decided in favor of the police officer.


    Where was Al Sharpton during the LA Riots when a WHITE innocent trucker at a red light named Reginald Denny got yanked out of his truck buy a hefty looking strong looking young Black man drug out to the street and then the Black threw and spiked ( Like a football ) a BRICK into Reginald Denny’s head and did a touchdown strut !!!! Where were you then Al ????? You have no credibility because you never speak against your race when they do stuff like that !

  • you are all stupid

    I think anyone that is calling this a protest is a moron. This is plan and simple a riot and I hope the idiots that went there just to insite this riot burn in hell. Regardless of the outcome this is crap…

  • Rupert

    They’re giving you people a break look at the headlines black rapes and attacks woman and only gets 13 years when he should get the chair or a bullet!!!! Now thats getting off way to easy!!

  • Hue

    Stereo type no wonder! Did anyone expect any other reaction yet another reason to blame the white man lol. There will always be race problems because whites are to blame for it all rather take responsibility for your own actions.

  • ME2

    The FACTS showed Michael Brown was in the wrong and not surrendering. I don’t care what color he was, he was a thug and the fact that he was unarmed, doesn’t mean squat! “Oh Michael, do you have gun?” NO,OK then I won’t shoot you says the officer as he falls to the ground. How dumb are you people? I think this is a tragedy for all, but it should show anyone with a brain that police and most people, don’t go around waiting to shoot a black or any other color, just because.

  • A

    How about we give Americans 7 years tax free and let the illegals make up the difference for everything they stole? Tax Obama’s new pets harder, CY.

  • A

    I was not there, but having it all go down in less than two minutes doesn’t give the cop much time to ask questions and find out who was even the “bad guy”. There should be an investigation into what happened so fast and witnesses need to be heard, but cops cover for cops. If the story went that the kid was armed and shooting people when the cop got there, it would be a different story.

    • Mrs. Cindersoot

      I know its maddening at times but its the media that makes more of this racial tension and rioting then necessary.
      Please Dear dont riot. Its pointless.
      Why not join or start a club? I start my new Conga Dance Club in January!!!!!
      I have many clubs. My Baking club meets tomorrow. Agnes and Muriel will teach us all to make Bourbon Berry Buns. I can’t wait !!
      We musn’t allow these tense moments to affect us dear. Turn the TV and PC off. Turn on Frank Sinatra or another fav and make a boiler maker.
      Good Evening !

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