T-Shirt Sales Help Police Department Pay for Bulletproof Vests

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BARRETT TOWNSHIP -- The manhunt for Eric Frein is over in the Poconos and out of that effort, the community stepped up to help the police who serve and protect.

A group in Monroe County sold t-shirts emblazoned with the words: Barret Proud, raising money to pay for bullet proof vests for the township's police department.

A check for roughly $7,000 was given to the Barrett Township police chief Sunday afternoon at the township fire station.

Organizers said they sold more than 400 shirts and will keep doing it to help the officers who played a role in that massive search for the alleged cop killer.

"It is a good feeling to raise this money and it's a better feeling to know that it's finally over and people can go back to normal and have better times in this community," said organizer Shannon Price.

The Barrett Township Police Department already purchased those vests that protect against higher caliber ammunition. The money raised from the shirt sales will help pay the department back.


  • IdahoMan

    Yes, worship the jackbooted stormtroopers on PC, media-conditioned trigger.


    The “Law Enforcement” paramilitary, brotherhood cult terrorizes and puts the whole area in great danger (of being killed by them), acts as if they can put the whole county into house arrest, point guns at anyone they please, and run up a $11million dollar bill that they will stick the taxpayers with. Then to top it off expect SOP praise and worship from “the community”, and then fundraisers to buy them more of their stuff.

    This whole incident wasn’t about Frein, it was about these LE Psychos and the threat THEY pose to society.

  • s

    my god why dont you people raise money for the homeless or people who cant afford food,get over this police crap already!

  • freebirthcontrol

    I would like my tax dollars to buy these guys the proper equipment for the job. But no……..MY TAX DOLLARS ARE SPENT ON BREEDING WELFARE TRASH!!!!!!!

    • Mack

      Nice name (not) … Why should my tax dollars provide you with “FREE BIRTH CONTROL”?
      Get a job and take personal responsibility you liberal fluke

      • freebirthcontrol

        Never once took a dime from the tax payers, funded myself my whole life, 52 now, hope it catches back on as a way to live.

    • Mack

      Why dont they have these vests already? No prior need ?
      Whats changed? frein freak is no indication that future events and risk will change.
      will these new vests really be used? hmmmm
      Cant find money in the budget over a 2 year period to pay for it?
      I’ll audit the books. I’ll find the money.

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