One Dead after Pickup Sideswiped Big Rig

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JORDAN TOWNSHIP — One person was killed in a crash Thursday night in Lycoming County.

State police said a pickup truck sideswiped a tractor trailer and hit a guard rail on Route 118 before 8 p.m. Thursday near Millville.

According to troopers, the pickup then went down a 50-foot embankment.

The coroner said the pickup driver, Danny Allen, 44 of Benton, died at the scene.

Route 118 was closed for four hours after the crash in Lycoming County.


  • Runner

    Man Dead after Driving Wrong Way on Interstate

    Posted 4:00 am, October 13, 2014, by Brittany Lovette, Updated at 03:56am, October 13, 2014

    HANOVER TOWNSHIP — One man is dead after an early morning crash on Interstate 81 in Luzerne County.

    State police say Kenneth Howells of Plymouth was driving the wrong way in the northbound lanes of the interstate near Nanticoke when he crashed into a tractor trailer just before 4 a.m. on Sunday.

    Officials said Howells died at the scene and the truck driver was not hurt in that deadly crash in Luzerne County.
    Just another car driver not thinking about what the consequences will be if they drive erratically. Don’t blame the trucker, it’s the car drivers because you just don’t know how to drive the simplest vehicles out on the road. Go back to driving school!!!!

  • Runner

    If people can’t believe what I’m saying about who the worst drivers are then, just scroll down this page and look at all of those articles about the accidents. This is just on this page of WNEP and if you read basically every news company in the country it will be the same thing. People that drive cars just don’t think about what they’re doing when driving. They just get in and go and don’t think about what consequences will be if they drive erratically. People need to go back to driving school and this should be mandated.

  • true_archer

    “State police said a pickup truck sideswiped a tractor trailer and hit a guard rail on Route 118 before 8 p.m. Thursday near Millville.” Wouldn’t it make a difference what lane as to how to interpret “side-swiped?” If he w as trying to pass the truck on the left, did the truck not see him and/or try and move into the left lane? who was hogging the lane for a “side-swipe” to happen? Yeah, yeah, stuff happens, but it’s scary out there on the roads! Side-swiping is not a normal thing.

    • Runner

      It means just as the article states. The pickup truck sideswiped the tractor trailer. You are reading into the post and changing what was written. No blame here, but definitely not the truckers fault by how it’s written.
      I’m not a truck driver, but I’ve read a lot of various articles and listen to the CB talk in the past about people and driving. Let me say this, everybody drives a car, truckers to. People that just drive a car and have never drove a big truck just have no idea was it is like. The people that just drive cars and not big trucks are hands down the worst drivers in the world. I’m not saying some big truck drivers are bad drivers, also. Based upon what I’ve read and listened to over the year’s people that just drive cars are the worst drivers. They go in and out of driving lanes, drive over the speed limit, cut other drivers off then slow right down to nothing in front of the person they just passed. I can go on and on, but people that just drive none big trucks need to go back to driving school once every, let’s say 5 years.
      You have seen it yourself, if you drive. Nobody can miss not seeing how other people drive, just look and observe yourself. If you really compare cars to big trucks when your out on the road then you’ll know what I’m talking about. Of course if you don’t then you just don’t want to believe.

      • true_archer

        I understand where you’re coming from, and I hear ya. I see AMNY more passenger/commercial vehicles pulling crazy stunts than big rigs, however, which isn’t to say I have NEVER seen trucks drive poorly or recklessly. I think most of the time it’s because they cannot see in those blind spots.
        I wasn’t reading into the article as much as I was putting myself in the position of the pick-up and the way I drive and approach these situations. I take a little more time in making the decision to pass these big guys than I see others, also I do notice that people don’t know how to stay in their own lane.
        You said; “Of course if you don’t then you just don’t want to believe.” That’s not an issue for me. I am not from NEPA.

  • Runner

    At least I’m glad I can read, write and understand the English language. I guess some people can’t as well as others. The Big truck was not at fault or the driver wasn’t the blame for this accident. That is the way I read and understood what was posted. It probably was or will be one of those illegals the president is going to allow in the country that would interpret it differently.

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