UPDATE: Shooting Sparked By Suspected Drug Dealer Who Nearly Ran Over Officers

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UPDATE - FRIDAY: Bong Bob Kim was arraigned in the hospital Friday morning, according to state police.

HANOVER TOWNSHIP -- Charges filed late Thursday afternoon said Bong Bob Kim nearly ran over two police officers during an undercover drug deal in a shopping plaza.

Court records do not identify which Wilkes-Barre police officer fired a shot that hit Kim.

Undercover deals in public places are nothing new and some people are questioning if they should ever happen.

William Uggiano's daughter works in the plaza. He says police won't explain how the front end of her car's bumper was ripped off in the chaos.

"I'm glad that no innocent bystander got shot or run over, anything like that. All I know is my car gets destroyed and now I got to go figure out how to get this back together," Uggiano said.

Joe Lakkis, a former state trooper turned instructor at Wilkes-Barre Area Career and Technical Center, explained that the location of undercover investigations and busts are rarely picked by police.

"99.9 percent of the time, you are at the mercy of the drug dealer. They're going to operate in a zone where they're comfortable operating in, on their home turf so to speak," Lakkis explained.

Undercover deals in public places have gone bad before.

Newswatch 16 was there in August, 2012 when four troopers were hurt outside the Viewmont Mall in Lackawanna County.

Authorities say the accused drug dealer took off with the doors open on his SUV, hitting the troopers.

Lakkis says public busts are risky but often needed to get dangerous drugs and dealers off the streets.

"If you try to deviate from that, they're going to know it's a setup," said Lakkis.

"I don't think it should happen in places like this, public places like this," said Valerie Betcher.

Betcher believes these drug deals should not be allowed around so many innocent people.

Omar Redditt disagreed before he drove his sister's damaged car home.

"As long as they didn't kill him, I think they did a good job."

The police chief in Hanover Township would not say if his department was told about the plans for this undercover bust.

The officer who pulled the trigger is on administrative leave but prosecutors still won't say why this happened or if they'll continue these busts in public places.


  • stickhead

    They seem to be able to catch dealers using traffic stops and canines, but once in awhile they feel the need to endanger the public and destroy property ,all just a part of their little PR stunt and they are never held accountable

    • John H

      You`re right, cops dont get charged with anything and when they do its a slap on the wrist. Im seeing more and more of these police brutalities cases and nothing is being done, how about a 5-10 year sentence for excessive force, brutality, false arrest etc, then maybe we will see some change. Untill then I will continue to hate cops as much as they will continue to hate me. If it keeps going like this people are just going to rebel the authority. Arrest murderers and rapists, dont try to shoot someone over a $10 drug deal. Get a life other than terrorizing our citizens pigs.

    • jbrony

      Heroin – illegal. Cocaine – illegal. Meth – illegal. Marijuana – illegal. 70 MPH – speeding. 75 MPH – speeding. 80 MPH – speeding. What’s your point? Stop trying to make something ‘less’ illegal.

      • ihunt

        I love the way everything is by the book; strictly black and white with no grey area. Until we decide that one life is worth more than another and spend 10 to 100 mil for a murder investigation. Embarrassing that a chosen few get to make up the rules as they see fit. How about some laws and ethics that apply to everyone? Yes it does matter; one year we are shooting weed smokers then next year its legal?

      • Jim Brony

        I like how you twist my comments and the WNEP story around to suit your position. The police shot (at) the drug dealer because he attempted to run them over, not because of what fare he was offering. That’s (one of) the problems with society today – we want the book thrown at a drunk driver that kills a grandmother or young child, but then it’s OK to go out after work and have a few (and be legally drunk). You and I can’t control the actions of other people, but as a society if people did their best to follow the rules we would all be better off. The rules and laws apply to everyone – just because some choose not to follow them – it doesn’t give us license to bend or break them as we see fit, and then cry ‘foul’ when we get caught.

  • Me

    When the govt robs you blind and you have to get money some way. This guy is dealing drugs to support his family. Just like half of America.

    This is what big govt wants. This is what big govt gets. People with attitudes !!!!! Even if their name is bong bong !!!!

  • Travis

    Just legalize it, all of it. people are going to do it regardless. quit wasting tax money on housing and feeding these people. who will continue to do these things regardless of how often they get arrested. and really they’re only hurting themselves so what’s the point? Spend the money on treating these people and trying to help instead.

  • Hahaha

    I’m sorry, I just can’t get past this guy’s name. Lol! How could he be anything other than a drug dealer with a name like Bong??!!

    • DanTheHobbit

      Korean. He could be Korean. 김봉법 would be written Kim Bong-bob or Kim Bong-beop, and since they put surnames first over there, it gets changed to Bong Bob Kim when you write it in English. In any case, that’s a fitting name in this instance. More fun Korean names: 영호 (Young Ho) and 영주 (Young Ju/Joo).

  • SteveL

    Sure they are necessary. Just like high speed chases, entrapment set ups, excessive force, money making DUI checkpoints, over-zealous property seizures, machine guns, military swat tanks,…..Go Law Enforcement

      • SteveL

        Sorry “Dozer” I will stay and continue to pay taxes and follow the law. One has a right to question tactics that put the general public at risk and frivolous spending on unnecessary toys. They should have let Darwin take over and this slimeball would have been greased by another lowlife sooner or later. Now the taxpayers are going to have to pay for medical bills and prison costs for the next few years.

      • jbrony

        Easy to criticize on Monday morning and not walking a mile in their shoes, Steve-O. ” fully auto MP5s? Is that necessary?” Every elevation of offensive weaponry by an adversary is always responded to by leveling the playing field. They wouldn’t need these things if the law-breakers didn’t already have them. Old enough to remember the cold war?

      • John H

        If i was a cop, i probably wouldve moved out of the way of the car, and chased the person. You think the guy shouldve got shot at over a $10 drug deal? BLAME THE PIGS, i seen a video of the cops interview and he couldnt get his story straight. The pig probably wasnt even close to getting hit by the car

    • Thomas

      Your an idiot. High speed chases – without them, criminals would always run, entrapment – you need to look up the definition, money making DUI checkpoints – save lives, overzealous property seizures – doesn’t make any sense?, machine guns – you mean rifle?, military Swat tank – I think your very confused and mean armored vehicle, a tank has tracks..

      • SteveL

        You’re an idiot. High speed chases: a third of all fatalities are innocent bystanders. Entrapment: law enforcement knowingly putting out child pornography to bait creeps. That illegal material keeps getting shared by weirdos. You forgot to address excessive force for some reason. Property seizures: there is a pending law in the PA senate to address the overuse of seizures by local law enforcement. Machine guns: how about the local PD that bought the Tommy gun a few years back and another that bought 5 fully auto MP5s? Is that necessary? Armored vehicles: great for the local parade I guess

  • Rupert

    The way they hang sneakers on power lines they should hang the drug dealers and users on power lines and let them starve and rot its a simple cost effective message that would give them and others a chance to think about what they’re doing !!

    • true_archer

      I know right? Never mind that he was dealing dope in a shopping plaza, pretty ballsy, and tried running over police officers, but I guess that would’ve been acceptable to mr. “As long as they didn’t kill him, I think they did a good job.!

  • Rupert

    This is a good thing they done but they need to start shooting drunks also !!!! Come to Williamsport and you would understand.

  • phil

    Crazy idea,police see a deal go down in a populated area,follow him,get him at a later time.its insane to let bullets fly in a location like that.

    • Mikey

      No, what’s insane is that the suspect tried running people over. Use of deadly force is justified to protect yourself or others from death or serious bodily injury.

      • John H

        Hey Mikey were you there? the pigs said they almost got ran over, that probably means the car was 25 feet away from them, they say anything they can to get people in trouble, dont believe the pigs because they are people too and everybody lies, especially if they know they are about to get charged with shooting somebody

      • Mikey

        John H., No, I was nowhere near there. Obviously from your posts you have some bias against police. I call it as it is though, if the suspect attempted to intentionally run the cop over regardless if there was a drug deal or parking ticket issued, he has the right to use deadly force to protect himself or others. A vehicle can certainly cause serious bodily injury or death. I will wait until the report comes out from the DA’s office. There should be plenty of evidence as to location of the vehicle and the cops, witnesses, possible surveillance, physical evidence, etc. So it will not just be the officer’s word against the suspect which is good. And I will take the officer’s word over a scumbag drug dealer, contributing to the demise of this area until there is a reason not to.

  • Ann Kenny

    Of course these undercover drug deals should not be allowed around so many innocent people. If the location of these drug busts are rarely picked by police then who picks them Inspector Jacques Clouseau?

    • fedup

      Uhh duh.. the drug dealer is the one that says where. Rarely do they let their fiends pick. They think they aren’t being set up that way

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