UPDATE: State Police Say Icy Roads to Blame for Fatal Wreck

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BUTLER TOWNSHIP -- Interstate 80 in Luzerne County reopened around 4 p.m. after being shut down for around 11 hours after a deadly crash Saturday morning.

State police said a tractor trailer lost control on some ice and ran off of Interstate 80 East near the Interstate 81 junction in Butler Township on Saturday just before 5 a.m.

Officials said he hit a sign post and an SUV, and the truck driver died at the scene.

Officials said the man who died was a 43 year old from New York, but have not released his name.


  • jake

    I80 is always atrocious. Few years ago I encountered sheets of ice. There were so many accidents and it was a total ice rink. PennDot bosses need to be FIRED. Hire MORE people. Quit limiting the amount of salt they can put out. They have one guy covering so many miles that there is no way to keep up with it. PENNDOT and now even the Pa turnpike have gotten so cheap. They always work bare minimum. They limit salt. The bosses have big fat paychecks and then limit the resources and people for the workers. These organizations both need to be looked into and changed.

  • Fredlimo

    R.I.P Armando ! I did not know you but do know some of the other drivers. I am a over the road driver myself. I do drive buses. My prayers and condolences go to your family and friends and most of all your coworkers.

    • artemis133

      Oh my goodness-I accidentally clicked the down vote-I meant to up vote this-RIP to the driver; what a horrible accident!

  • Franko

    Maybe if PennDot had the roads done it wouldn’t have happened – If I recall there are some step up and downhill sections around there.
    Also if we weren’t living in the type of world that we live in now where everything is rush rush – that consumers have to have stuff on the shelves right away, trucking would go back to how it was 35 to 40 years ago – If the weather is bad you stopped. Now these companies require these drivers to work the max hours which DOT allows which is 70 hrs a week driving, because if they stop, their stupid little Qualcomm unit in their trucks starts messeging them like crazy from their dispatch as to why they are stopped more than 15 minutes if they still have hours left to drive. Their appointment times at the warehouses are based upon a driver not stopping. They miss their appointment time, the stuff doesn’t get unloaded for hours and that disrupts the next delivery. And these stupid dispatchers — have a trucker try telling dispatch that the roads are bad and they are slowing down and stopping and they will tell you “What type of truck driver are you?” all because you stop when the weather is bad. Unfortunately, these guys only get paid when their wheels are turning, not like 40 yrs ago where you got paid hourly or by % of what the company got to haul the load.
    It’s a shame – a live lost because the stuff had to get on the shelves or in the warehouse right away.

    • artemis133

      Yes. I work at one of those warehouses. It’s a warehouse for a big national craft store chain, and it’s our peak season (Christmas, etc.). We are working 68 hours a week-10 hours Mon.-Sat., and 8 hours on Sundays. No days off. Just to get the cheap Chinese junk on the shelves. It’s all corporate greed-and people are getting abused and worn out, not to mention there’s no time to actually live your life. This poor man lost his life. What will it take for things to slow down to a normal, average pace that’s not killing people?

    • stan

      Your right on Franko! I drove for Con-Way for a very short period of time cause of that kind of treatment! The pay is not worth your life and what they put one through. All they care about is what is what you said in you comment.

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