UPDATE: School Evacuated After Reports Of Threat

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MAHANOY CITY --  For the third time in two weeks, students in a Schuylkill County district were dismissed early from school after a threat was found inside a school building.

Students in Mahanoy Area were sent home early again after another threat was found in the middle school.

This was the first time that the building was evacuated before the dismissal.

More than 1,000 Mahanoy Area students were forced out of their school buildings Tuesday morning.

Mahanoy City police blocked the entrance to campus, as police investigated another threat found at the middle school, the third one in two weeks.

"It's pretty scary because I don't like it," said first grader Kayla Birrer.

Two weeks ago, threats were found in two bathrooms in the middle school.

Mahanoy City police say they found another on Tuesday and the wording of the newest threat was different.

A high school student says administrators came into the building and told students they would be evacuating all the schools.

"It's kind of scary. I'm worrying about my brother, my cousins, and trying to get in touch with my mom. It's a lot to take in," said senior Noel Kaufman.

Mahanoy City police say this threat prompted an evacuation of the schools. All students in the district were taken down the street where they could be picked up by bus and by their parents at a fire house or church.

"It's a good thing they're out of the school because you don't know what's going to happen, if anything."

Dave Loftus is a parent of a first grader. He says the dismissals have been chaotic but thanks the teachers for their hard work. He hopes the person or people responsible will come forward soon.

"You would think kids would talk! Kids talk to other kids, but it seems like it's a tight-lip thing going on here," Loftus said.

After the previous threats, school officials canceled all extracurricular activities for middle school students until the person behind the threats was caught.

Students say they're not sure who is doing it, but they want it to stop.

"We don't hear much, except if we have siblings in the middle school, they'll say who they think it was. And they did think they knew who it was, but obviously not," said senior Giavanna Hannon.

Police say they are investigating the threats and will have a police presence at the Mahanoy Area schools Wednesday morning.


  • Say wat?

    This is ridiculous. All it took was few staged media events, and they have us all running scared and hiding under our beds. I miss the America that I used to live in…the America that was full of strong INDIVIDUALS, who wouldn’t let themselves be intimidated.

  • Travis

    These dumb kids are just trying to get out of school early. little do they know you can just walk out the front door. You might get caught eventually, but I’d rather get caught skipping school than a felony terroristic threat charge.

  • Tara

    This is getting out of control. As a parent to 2 children in the district, they already know 1 of the kids who is involved but they couldn’t get him to admit it so they let him off. My husband and I say they should have cuffed the kid and allowed the police to scare him straight because obviously this is getting out of control. Plus the school needs a better system then a last minute call to pick your child up right now totell us they are in danger. The automated system should tell us they are being evacuated and that give us notice for parents who work!!! Plus shame on the news reporting where the children go. It is a small town and if we truly are being targeted, it wouldn’t take much to figure out now where the kids are being evacuated to. I think there are a lot of flaws, including letting young children like 1st graders walk home 10 blocks alone without a parent home during an emergency. We love the school except for these recent events and actions taken.

    • true_archer

      How did a first grader walk home? I thought the article stated that; “All students in the district were taken down the street where they could be picked up by bus and by their parents at a fire house or church.”
      And as far as a suspected student, if indeed there is any validation in that I am sure the parent(s) might suspect something as well. But we know that song and dance don’t we; “not my kid,” “he/she’s a good kid,” everyone has their head in that dark and smelly place!

  • Josh

    Here’s a little wake-up call for all you parents whining about your kids not having the day off to honor Veteran’s Day. Your kids are highly unlikely to be sitting at home all day on their free time thinking about the sacrifices made for our country. The best and simplest act of appreciation YOU can teach them is to simply say “thanks for your service” when they see an individual wearing something such as a vet hat. I do this as often as possible ALL year and the look of surprise on their faces is priceless. So pull your kids away from the TVs and Xbox’s, keep them in school and try that.

  • The arbiter/steve's moms friend

    Probably a disgruntled vet angry that you all failed to respect the sacrifices he made for our freedom. Now I know you are going to say no it’s happened before. But this disgruntled vet is a copycat. Unfortunate and scary for everyone involved. Hopefully we can learn from it

  • Colleen

    The issue of whether they should be in school today is beside the point. This is the third time in the last few weeks that there has been a bomb threat at the school. Clearly they have not caught the perpetrator(s). At least this time the schools were evacuated and our children were safe. However, how many times are we going to send our kids to school only to havr them sent back home because they are unsafe?

  • Tom

    Nice to see the Mahanoy Area School District, as well as other districts in Schylkill County, are honoring our Veterans by not having the day off like every other school.

    • DingleBerry Jones

      What a mindless thing to say, Tom. So, how does sitting home, playing video games, honor the veterans?

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