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Mount Carmel Township Police Officers Accused of Misbehavior Are off the Job

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MOUNT CARMEL TOWNSHIP — Three of the four police officers from Northumberland County who had been accused of throwing a lit firecracker at another officer’s car are off the job for good.

According to Mount Carmel Township supervisors, David Stamets, who was driving the car, was fired Thursday night.

Part-time officers Patrick McAndrew and Michael Pitcavage resigned last month.

Supervisors also said a three-day suspension for patrolman Matthew Filarski will end Friday night.

The police chief said three part time officers were hired after the incident, giving Mount Carmel Township 24-hour police coverage.


  • Kevin

    I don’t understand why they are out of a job. Is their more to the story then this or something left out? Are they guilty of a crime of some sort? Pretty stiff penalty for something so silly if you ask me. These guys deal with enough stress why give them more?

    This isn’t even news worthy and it sounds ridiculous.

  • Midland

    They’re just a bunch of 3rd-stringers. Of course it’s reflective of the half-witted politicians who hire them initially. It’s not just Kulpmont, Mt. Carmel Twp, and Gilberton. It’s endemic to the region.

    • Midland

      I’m guessing that rather than facing charges this is the agreed upon outcome. No charges– no record, they still can get a job as loss prevention with Wally’s.

  • Joe

    It’s always been screwball cops on Mt. Carmel’s Police Force. The last 10 or 15 years anyways. Kulpmont too. They they think they can do whatever they want.

  • Jonus Grumby

    Any charges here? I am very pro law enforcement however I have no tolerance for those who think they are above the law and despise double standards. These guys are t u r d s.

  • Bleh

    Where are the criminal charges?

    Reckless endangerment at the least.

    No more “brothers before others”

    Its the DAs job to protect the people, protect us. Without charges these dangerous individuals who believe their authority will find a job in another county.

    This MUST stop, the preferential treatment MUST stop, the lack of transperancy MUST stop.

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