Auto Shop Owner Has Warning For Vandals

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HAZLETON -- A business owner in Hazleton is sending a strong message to whoever vandalized his newly opened auto repair shop by spray painting a warning next the graffiti that was left behind.

Not even open for a week and already vandals spray painted the outside of Autotek, a repair shop in Hazleton.haz vandalism

So owner Donnie Tolerico responded by spray painting a warning right next to it.

He says he wants whoever did this to know he’s willing to defend his property at all costs.

“This is not me threatening anyone. This is simply me saying that this wasn’t kids. This was gangs. I’m taking it seriously. If they come back around, my first response is going to be to take it seriously,” said Tolerico.

Tolerico says it’s not just his business being hit with graffiti.

There is a playground across the street where the children at the Arthur Street Elementary School play.

Tolerico admits what he did is extreme, but says he worked hard to open his garage.

He says seeing that graffiti pushed him to his limit and feels it won’t stop unless he took a hard stand.

“I understand that it might be a risk, but I think if people back me up and do the same thing. maybe they’ll get the message and they’ll leave,” said Tolerico.

Louis Tokash was out taking pictures of the graffiti.

He says he’s just as frustrated as Tolerico.

“It’s a shame for these kids to have to look at this every day in and day out,” said Tokash. “I am fed up with it also, and I hope more people get fed up with it and finally something gets done about it.”

Hazleton police said they don’t encourage residents to leave messages such as the one Tolerico left.

Tolerico says he going to paint over the graffiti and his message.


  • Poconos Sasquatch

    That is just the gang offering to sell him stolen vehicle parts. He can then mark them up and sell them as OEM replacement parts. Small businesses are run by the small minded sometimes.

  • amielzbth

    From what I’ve heard, Hazleton Police doesn’the give a rat’so ass about anybody and have not done a damn thing to fix the gang and drug problem in Hazleton, PA. They should be ashamed to call themselves police officers.

  • tom

    I’d be waiting and shoot the stupid idiots.Have these gangs migrate to neighborhoods where members of congress live-see how long they want to cottle the world & bring ’em all here.

  • turkey buzzard

    Someone that was in fear for their life in this area executed a jar head without warning though,he walks the streets today.

  • Jose

    Looks like ms13 and Latin king graffiti to me..old news I see this all over the town and the police were well aware of this back in 2008 don’t believe me look it up nothing ever was done

      • walter white

        I just read an article about mexican meth somewhere on MSN! MAN ,you guys are in a mess up that way! This guy Jesse told me you can take a quarter of a pound of it and cut it 8 times because it is 100% pure.That is over 1200% profit.My wife Skylar said everyone should be EXTREME and esp. AWARE at all times .You guys are in trouble!

  • Bill

    Bravo Mr. Tolerico! It’s bout time someone has the balls to stand up to this human garbage and protect their property.

  • true_archer

    “Tolerico admits what he did is extreme, but says he worked hard to open his garage.” No apologies necessary! We have every right to protect what we worked so hard for, as well as protect ourselves! It’s not there for criminals to take away from us! Let them be damned!

    • DiojiCTD

      It’s sad many in Hazleton go through this, and I know him he did work hard to get a business going. The economy sucks! I live on the outskirts and vandals did that all over a few buildings like Walmart, the other building in the parking lot, and the old Rex TV store. They painted over it a few times and Walmart repainted completely after just painting over the vandalism a few times. People are having such a hard time in Hazleton and surrounding areas getting by, heroine is a plague in the city, one reason I only go out there if I have to. That is once maybe twice a year, Hazleton can’t depend on the HPD because they have a lot on their plates with all the violent crime. To me I don’t think that is harsh at all! It’s about time someone boldly took a stance like that, plus we all should be able to protect what is ours. Property, family, businesses, and our own lives! Good for him!

      I just hope whoever did it doesn’t push his buttons and so it out of spite of the message he wrote, because in that case I would hope he stands by that message so these punks realize people are going to start taking a stance and follow through. Something needs to happen and soon, this overall area had gotten so bad and many have taken great strides to try and make things better and failed. I don’t want any to get hurt or possibly even killed, but many in Hazleton are at the point sick of this kind of stuff. Like I said I hope who ever did it sees that and stops doing it period. Sometimes violence is a necessary evil.

      • true_archer

        So sorry the people of NEPA It reminds me of NYC in the 70’s! Not all of your transplants are thugs. But how we handled ANY thugs back then was a tough president, a tough governor, a tough mayor, and a tough police force all at the same time. The one advantage you currently have over us is legal gun ownership; put that to good use. If the cops go after the thugs, be supportive of them, however, revolving door justice deters their best efforts. Everyone has to work together if the place has any hope of cleaning up. A great law would be to somehow prevent repeat offenders from moving their garbage a-doubles from state-to-state! As far as the illegals even for the most minor of infractions they need shipped out. This amnesty thing that Obama has up his craw should get him impeached!


    I am so sick of these philly/jersey ghetto bast*rds who came and continue to come to our towns, bringing their trashy hood ways ! Intermingling with our city native women, putting more of a load on us tax payers as the leave the women and move onto the next women leaving one more child to grow up fatherless and learn the malicious ways of the hood. Overloading our county assistance offices, no manners, no respect for us natives, crime, drugs, and so on and so on !

    NEPA use to be nice in the 80’s what the heck happened ????


      Oh, I forgot prostitution, murders, rape assaults, theft you name it Hazleton, ***PHIL***iamsport ( formerly Williamsport ), Wilkes-Barre, Scranton ALL RUINED NOW from INFLUX of Ghetto Convicts, Dealers, Murderer’s, Felons etc.

    • Joseph Polityka

      Wait until they come out of the woodwork when Obama grants executive amnesty. In response to your comment, they wouldn’t be getting any women if Coal Region gals refused to shack up with them.

  • Capt Bogart

    Stuff like this keeps occurring because: First off our nation’s judicial system has failed to protect the people. If its intent was to make money, then the Judicial system has achieved success. In our county, law enforcement risks their lives arresting these people, then the Judicial system fines them, then continues to use the revolving door on these criminals. The Judicial System keeps releasing these people back out to commit their next crime. The system is already counting money from their next occurrence.

  • ihunt

    He is screwed. Now everything he does regarding this or future acts of protection will be deemed premeditated. Will probably be found innocent if the act of protection was in the gravest extreme fear of ones life but now a lengthy court trial is almost guaranteed.

    • David Pinero

      I was going to type the same — not that i don’t sympathize with him but there is no way that “defense” will hold up to a prosecutor or to a jury now. Def not the way to handle. I’m not even sure I understand the connection between common graffiti (and let’s face it it’s a giant white wall which is probably a magnet to anyone with an underdeveloped brain) and anything remotely life-threatening so I’m not sure how he’s interpreting it that way, but perhaps there is something going on behind the scene. Anyway, he would be better off looking into a cheap video surveillance system (because even the cheap ones are pretty sophisticated these days) and catching good evidence of the perps in the act and then being aggressive about prosecution after the fact. Since that wall is always going to attract dummies, he might look into special coating that allows for easy removal of graffiti. It’s a shame to have to resign to these things but it might just be the cost of doing business nowadays. #dtwgi – mj232

      • ihunt

        Well done comment. Personal protect is a subject that I feel needs more understanding. Its a right we all enjoy but there has to be some thought put into it; do your homework before you buy and/or carry a gun.

      • DiojiCTD

        Do you live in the area? Do you really know much about it that you’ve seen with your own eyes?

        I agree on the security system, painting it a darker color, and as far as a special coating to make it easy to remove spray paint? I personally am not sure something like that exists, does it? I know they have some really good cleaners out there that take permanent marker off of any surface or appliance (not that goo gone or along the line of it). But they do sell some pretty cool stuff that makes anything look as good as new without the other more expensive avenues that needed to be used before.

        More people need to be vigilant towards this stuff, as well as all the rest of the headaches going on in Hazleton. He isn’t the type of person who would probably shot whomever did it anyways, he was more so trying to be harsh enough that they don’t mess with his property again. But what if whoever did this does it again in spite, because Tolerico went and wrote that as well as made the statement he did. I for one will not fault him if he did shoot them if done again. Things need to change, and they’re not going to without collateral damage. So I just hope that whoever did this doesn’t go and beat him or worse kill him for this, and him have to defend himself and people take it as though it wasn’t justified defense. It’s sick how bad people got and they all seem to go to certain areas and cause hell, so there’s a lot of bad places across the country that nobody ever thought would be so unsafe.

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