Two Barns Burn in Northumberland County

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LEWIS TOWNSHIP --  Fire destroyed two barns along Route 54 near Turbotville Thursday afternoon.

Officials said the fire started at one barn and spread to a second.

There's no word on any injuries.

According to fire officials, the fire was started accidentally, and the owner of the barn is insured.

Firefighters have not said whether any animals were in that barn when the fire started in Northumberland County.


  • kelly williams

    I was driving on 54 while this was burning. Such a tragedy. What was worse is in my video it is fully enguled but not a first responder anywhere in sight. Such a loss but grateful no one was hurt.

    • jbrony

      I’m not sure how to interpret your statement – “What was worse is in my video it is fully enguled but not a first responder anywhere in sight.” Please tell us you are not slamming the area volunteers? If you are – here are some thoughts:

      The fire was called in around what time – about 4:00, 4:30 PM? Where are most of the volunteers at that time – still at work.

      Perhaps Kelly you would like everyone in the state of PA to pay increased taxes so there can be a paid fire service at the ready 24/7 in every municipality?

      This was an Amish farm, was it not? How are they supposed to call 911? The fire had a real good head start before the first call was ever made.

      You can stop and take video with your phone – did you drive up to the scene to see if any help was needed, or did you just sit there in the comfort of your car and do nothing?

      Apologies if I took your statement the wrong way – but if you are picking on the area volunteers, perhaps you should stop by their fire hall some evening when they are having their monthly meeting and offer some suggestions on how they can be of better service to the community. Let me know how you make out.

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