Tom Marino Wins Third Term in Congress

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WILLIAMSPORT -- Congressman Tom Marino said Tuesday night anytime there is a race between three candidates it is tough, but he won by a pretty large margin.

Marino walked into his victory party at the Sons of Italy on East Fourth street in Williamsport to the sound of many loud cheers.

He was elected into office for the third time, defeating Democrat Scott Brion and Independent Nick Troiano.

Marino says he plans to go back to Washington and continue to work for his constituents by cutting taxes for the middle class and repealing Obamacare.

The congressman says he campaigned a lot for this election by meeting with voters face to face.

"The constituents have a right to see the candidate, look in the candidate's eyes, and I have to answer questions.  And based on my record and what I'm going to continue to do in the future, they have faith in me," Marino said.



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