Governor Corbett Concedes Race

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PITTSBURGH -- Governor Corbett addressed a crowd of his supporters Tuesday night, conceding the governor's race to Democratic challenger Tom Wolf.

Corbett said he accomplished a lot in his one term. When he took the stage he listed some of those accomplishments, including saving jobs in Pennsylvania, bringing new jobs to the state, lowering unemployment, balancing four budgets, and cutting state spending.

"I called Tom Wolf and I thanked him for a well-fought race. I congratulated him on his victory and I wished him well in the next four years," Governor Corbett said. "Campaigns tend to highlight the differences between candidates: their personalities, their proposals, and their actions. We've had a very energetic campaign. He has prevailed and I wish him the best."

Corbett then asked his supporters to give Wolf a round of applause.

Governor Corbett did not say what is next for him.

He has served 12 years in statewide office, including eight as attorney general and four as governor.

Many supporters said history will show that Tom Corbett was a man who brought fiscal discipline to a state that needed it.

However now, he makes history as Pennsylvania's first one-term governor in the modern age.



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