Halloween Back On For Barrett Township; State Police Join Trick-or-Treaters

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BARRETT TOWNSHIP -- Halloween was back on just in the nick of time for one community in Monroe County.

Barrett Township officials had cancelled Halloween events due to the ongoing manhunt for Eric Frein.

Now, with Frein behind bars, the kids were free to have fun, and their night of trick-or-treating on Friday had some special guests.

For trick-or-treaters in Mountainhome, this year's Halloween was just a little bit sweeter since it almost didn't happen.

“I thought we wouldn't be able to get to trick-or-treating, but we can,” said Helena Smith, who went as Raggedy Ann.

With suspected cop killer Eric Frein on the loose, Barrett Township officials cancelled Halloween events out of safety concerns.

Now Frein is behind bars, charged with capital murder, and Halloween was back on just in the nick of time.

“It's so great, something we really look forward to every year, and we thought we weren't going to be able to do it. So, it's nice we've been able to get out here, get dressed up and have some fun,” said parent Rita Martin.

And these youngsters and parents got an extra special treat.

Lieutenant Colonel George Bivens, the deputy commissioner for the Pennsylvania State Police, was on hand.

Bivens became a well-known figure during the search for Frein, as he served as spokesperson, providing updates throughout the manhunt.

Bivens, along with other members of state police, joined local police and firefighters in handing out bins of candy.

“I was so happy that the kids got their trick-or-treat night back, and the community has been so good to us all through these last six or seven weeks, and it's the least we could do to come out here,” said Bivens.

“It's just awesome to have them watching out for our community,” said parent Gerri Carlton.

“Thank god for state police and all the other law enforcement officers, because it's great to have them, and they've done such a great job,” said parent Blake Martin.

Now both community and state police say they are slowly getting back to normal life.

“The majority of our people are already transitioning back to their home stations, others in coming days, weeks,” said Bivens.

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    Just Awesome! Job well done Lieutenant Colonel Bivens. GOD Bless you and the entire law enforcement community. Thank You!

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