Eric Frein Captured, 48-day Manhunt Comes to an End

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MONROE COUNTY — State police confirm that Eric Frein is in custody. Frein was found in an airplane hangar at the former Birchwood Resort near Tannersville. Stay tuned to Newswatch 16 and for the latest.

Some people gathered at the state police barracks in Pike County as Frein was brought back to show their support for state police.


  • Sanchez

    I’m so ecstatic right now, I’ve decided to go pant-less tomorrow! In fact, I think in honor of the occasion we should all show unity and ALL refuse to wear any pants for Halloween! Who’s with me?!?!? All joking aside, Thank You to all involved, it matters little who actually got him…The LAW got him and Justice is next….but I’m still going pant-less.

    • Mrs. Cindersoot

      Im with you ;-) You can come over and trick … I’ll treat.
      I’ll put Mr Cindersoot in the basement … his ashes that is.
      Happy Halloweeeeeen!

  • mermystiq2003

    Does it really matter if it was PSP or Marshalls that caught him. What the hell is wrong with you people. The murderer is caught.

      • Travis

        No George not everyone grew up like you I just think it’s ridiculous that we wasted millions of dollars looking for one guy for over a month just because he killed a cop and shot another if that was me or you they would of spent less than a work week and 100 dollars trying to catch the guy just for him to be caught 50 years later because he confessed on his own free will the point is the police receive special treatment and it needs to stop they’re no more important than the rest of the people in Pennsylvania

      • John Glaser

        I have to agree with Travis – a woman with Alzheimer’s in that area went missing and was found dead – died from the cold. She wasn’t worth the search effort apparently since it wasn’t personal with the state police. At any rate, we were told Frein was out to kill as many cops as he could…did Eric get that message?? I mean, they sent well over 1,000 state troopers into his “war zone” – plenty of targets for a sniper…yet not one shot. And yes, PA’s troopers spent millions getting overtime and per diem playing G.I. Joe but found NOTHING. It was an alert person at an airport hangar that spotted him. Just like the Boston terror search where the police terrorized homeowners (made them evacuate their homes)…it was a regular person that spotted the accused. So will we hear the whole story – was this personal? It sure looks that way.

      • Nicole Smith

        I’m glad they caught this guy and hopefully the slain officer’s family and friends can now have some closure in their lives. I also agree with what Travis stated… sadly I think if this were anyone else, he wouldn’t have been caught and the effort to find him wouldn’t have been nearly as intense as it was. We need to start treating people as people… murder is murder and it shouldn’t make a difference what your profession is. And before anyone starts bashing on me, I am a current active duty member and have served in Iraq… so I do understand the military, police and law enforcement career field.

    • chris

      Travis, are you out there laying your life on the line everyday for anyone? Is your wife, mother/father or partner worried that you will loose your life willing to protect another. Have you ever served in the military? Do you know the brotherhood of the military, police, fire, ems? Maybe you should be willing to risk your life for another before bashing what was spent to catch this scumbag who killed someone by hiding and then gave up he is a coward and deserves to be put to death quickly.

      • Travis

        I understand the whole brotherhood thing I get it but that doesn’t excuse the fact they get special treatment and can waste millions of dollars that us as Pennsylvanians will be paying at the end of the year not just the brothers and sisters of the troopers he shot at should this guy have been caught? Of course should the police been allowed to waste that much money for one guy? No I’m sorry if that makes me a bad person then so be it but until I see them spending that money on civilian murder victims it’s not excusable about the only thing I agree with you Chris is the guy should be put to death quick but guess what he won’t he will rot in jail living of the taxpayers money until he dies naturally

      • DJ

        “Equal Justice for All” Our Constitution guarantee’s that. All you have to do is watch the news and know that that no longer exists. How many murders and other crimes have we seen which apparently didn’t warrant a fraction of the effort and cost that we’ve seen here. This is not just occurring locally, just look to the Lindsey Lohan case, and so many more. If you have money and power/connections, there is a totally different set of laws that apply. Isn’t this the very reason that our ancestors escaped from Europe and set up a new country? Don’t misunderstand me, I’m glad they caught the scumbag and I feel awful for the victim’s families, but this is wrong.

      • James Daniels

        Chrisor your information everyone puts their life on the line every day .Store clerks, truck drivers delivery people. I have watched for more than a month, while a bunch of clowns, trembling in their boots as they hide in armored cars and wetting them themselves. Coming out only to bully, assault, and harass unarmed innocent people. The cowards and terroist here are the Pa state police.

      • BZ22

        EVERY murder deserves the same devotion, manpower and resources as Frein’s capture did. How many murders, etc., were put on the back burner while they searched for this one man? There was a bank robbery yesterday, second one in a month at that same bank. First one was Sept. 12. Frein shot two troopers and that robbery was never reported on again. Were those bank tellers’ lives not on the line?

  • Colleen Marie Schultz

    Feeling particularly Pennsylvania proud tonight. I had faith from the start that he would be captured. However, in the past week, I was beginning to have my doubts. Such a great job done by all involved. I’m sure tears of relief are streaming from many of our protectors tonight. Heartfelt thanks and God bless you all. May you all sleep well tonight.

    • 4545

      If they had done a “great job” it wouldn’t have taken so long and cost so much money. I’m really glad you feel proud though. I live in Blooming Grove and I feel embarrassed by the PSP

      • chris

        4545 you have to using state money what did your benefits get cut. use a name at least your as big a coward as this P.O.S.


    To the ignorant IDIOTS who are STILL bashing the PSP: It was a TEAM effort. You say it was the Marshalls that found him, but it was because the PSP were working the case all along. They found the evidence, worked the leads, and everyone helped out. Just shut up and admit that you were wrong and that we have some of the best law enforcement teams around.

    • Juan Motime

      I do not know who you are but I must compliment you for your intelligent comments. The other “contributors” (cough, cough) to this posting are, for lack of a better word, interesting. I’m sure that a number of them are uneducated, lazy and have a beef with law enforcement. I am also sure that they know their first amendment rights. (For those of you who were absent that day—look it up on Wikipedia {wink, wink}, and have another donut). I find it very interesting that the trolls (I believe that is what they are called now) know better than anyone else how this could have been solved. I wonder why they didn’t help; maybe because “there crazy” (sic). Anywho, kudos to all of you who posted intelligent and worthwhile comments. God bless all of those folks who were out looking for this guy and God bless the United States (no exceptions). We certainly need it when I see the intelligence of some of the ‘folks’ who contribute to these postings. alL All of you can proceed to post your hate and discontent. I’m going to bed now.

    • John Glaser

      Yes and kudos to the troopers who fell out of the tree stand and discovered disability…look, rather than populate the area with “targets” and looking to play ‘war”, raising the reward to 1 million dollars if found alive would have been safer, cheaper, and quicker. This was simply PERSONAL with the PSP because it was one of THEIR own attacked and not a “civilian” who isn’t worth the effort. Frein wasn’t out to kill more troopers – he HAD 1,000 targets handed to him. This was something personal and they know it.

    • M TORCH

      Clearly, any monetary amount would pale in comparison to the life of another trooper. I’m sure that a certain widow and a couple of children would say that they would pay any price to have their husband and father back.

      • John Stortz

        Law Enforcement professionals know the dangers of the job when they take it. I’m glad the SUSPECT is finally in custody. But it irritates me to no end that when a victim of a crime is a Law Enforcement professional, it seems as if people consider it more serious than if it were me. Millions of dollars spent. Automatic death sentence? Anyone who murders should face the same punishment regardless of who or why. I’m sure if he killed one of my daughters he’d be allowed the plead involuntary manslaughter.

      • BZ22

        Corbett will milk this like he captured Frein himself. By the way, he doubled, tripled State fees, put on the gasoline tax and cut school spending that local govts. then had to raise taxes to cover the programs State demands!

  • whatever

    He wasn’t caught by the State Police, so I don’t know why people are thanking them and apologizing for getting aggravated with them. This whole thing has been exhausting, and I still don’t think they knew what they were doing, just because he was found around the area, does not make them competent.

    • Beep

      Exhausting? What exactly did you do? You weren’t out there yourself putting yourself in harm’s way? Oh ok. Stop talking.

      • rusticcrochet

        You’re right, I wasn’t out there wasting millions of dollars looking for someone with my thumb somewhere unpleasant, you’re absolutely right. I meant listening about it has been exhausting.. Glad I could clear that up for you :0)

      • John Glaser

        Apparently, harm’s way was self induced – falling out of tree stands, crashing a cruiser into a tree, and other related injuries not to mention all the deer and bear they chased onto highways. Frein COULD have shot more but chose not to. So harm’s way was all psychological as Frein never engaged them.

      • Mrs. Cindersoot

        Well, Im glad you asked such a question Mr. Beep. What did I do ? I had to console so many friends who either couldn’t get to, or feared going to our rifle club, cooking club, and quilt club meetings and dont forget our cookie recipe swap, and many other social engagements. Countless hours on the phone calming these cackling women. We also went out to Trudi’s to investigate what was causing the great shadow over her pumpkin patch and facilitated the removal of that silly balloon. Millie’s cat was hit by my friend because the balloon was a distraction. There were many days I was dry because I couldn’t get to the wine and spirits store for my Cognac! Our lives were miserable so buzz off beepyy

  • Dan Alters

    Quit showing Frein’s photo! He’s been captured, we no longer need to be able to identify the killer. Don’t feed the egos of assholes like him seeking notariety as a killer.

  • Maria

    God bless our State Troopers and their families. A sacrifice we will never understand. A cop killer being held accountable! Thank God!

  • Tony Kietrys

    Good job to all the law enforcement personal involved ! God Bless you all. We can all sleep better tonight knowing that he is in custody. TK -Beach Lake, Pa

  • George V

    The Troopers and all involved…said he was here…and they were right on the money! To all the haters who doubted…take that… you were saying?! Great job to all involved, and thanks for never giving up!

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    I said all along that I would apologize for my disbelieve and criticism and here I am. I’m sorry. I cannot believe you
    found this guy. I’m astonished, speechless.

      • Lloyd Schmucatelli

        When this first happened, I donated decent money to the victims families. As this went on and on, I lost faith and began to question. What did you do to help? I have a RIGHT TO QUESTION and a RESPONSIBILITY TO APOLIGIZE, which I did. And for the record, it looks like he was found at the airport by US marshals, not in the woods by PSP.

  • claudia

    He couldn’t run forever….we can all sleep a little better knowing this freak is no longer among us. I’m still so sorry for the family that lost their loved one because of this mentally ill piece of crap.
    I totally am grateful to the police who devoted their time and energy into finding him.
    God bless all affected.

    • Julie

      How do you know he was mentally ill and a freak and a piece of crap? Why not leave the judging to the judges!

      • tlm

        Did you have FBI in your backyard? Or listen to helicopters searching? If you didn’t live in the search area you have NO clue how life has been disrupted. This isn’t some conspiracy.

  • ME2

    Well done job, guys! All the police and Feds. Now all the naysayers will have to hush up and admit you were in the right area and knew what you were doing. Businesses, police, residents, will all be happy, but for Frein, his problems are just beginning.

      • Mussels Marinara

        Not to worry bout all those thumbs down or Madam Cindersoot. She doesnt do it for me either. Hey, I have a thumb up for you and Im lookin to celebrate this capture. We could do some star gazing. I could gaze at the sky, Mars and URanus all night long.

    • Jonus Grumby

      “…all the naysayers will have to hush up and admit you were in the right area and knew what you were doing.”

      Perhaps some will, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      My thoughts? I’m blown away. I heard it in the car on the radio. My jaw dropped. I just could not believe it. I’m just glad the whole thing ended up being true, cuz it was the weirdest, most twisted and unbelievable story I ever followed in the news. I said the whole time that I would apologize if they caught him for my disbelief and I am. I’m not ashamed to apologize. What a crazy story.

      • Busses be crazy

        Haha at least you’re honest. I think most people thought similarly to you though didn’t want to admit it. I was hopeful they would catch him, but equally surprised when it happened. You were one of the most vocal so I had to ask.

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