Another Threat Found In Mahanoy Area School

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MAHANOY CITY -- Students in Mahanoy Area were dismissed early from school after a threat at school.

The same thing happened Tuesday and investigators are trying to figure out if the same people are to blame.

Mahanoy City police say a student found a threatening message in the girls' room at the Mahanoy Area Middle School.

On Tuesday, police say a similar message was found in the boys' room.

Both days, students were sent home early and after school activities were canceled.

"(The) school took their precaution and followed procedure for the safety of the students. It is under investigation at this point," said Mahanoy City Police Chief John Kaczmarczyk.

Mahanoy City police say this time the threatening note was found in the girls' bathroom. Police also say they checked that bathroom previously when the first note was discovered.

"It's similar to the one found yesterday on the boys bathroom wall."

And then there was a recent threat to schools called into the Schuylkill County Courthouse that also sent Mahanoy Area students home early.

"Two bomb threats and then the thing at the courthouse. So, you know, two in two days? It's really scary," Heather Beam said.

Heather Beam from Mahanoy City came to pick up her two kids. She got a phone call from the district saying that her kids were in the office and needed a ride home.

Her son Alexander is a student in the middle school. He heard that one of his classmates found Wednesday's threatening message

"It just really disappointed me. Another one? And this time Fall Fest got canceled! I was really upset."

Fall Fest, an in-school Halloween celebration, is canceled.

The middle school principal has also canceled all other extra activities at the school until whoever is behind the messages is caught.

Parents say the threats and early dismissals are concerning.

"At this point, I'm going to have to stay at the phone, I guess. What can you do?"

Mahanoy City police are still investigating whether the threats were made by the same person.

They plan to have a police presence at Mahanoy Area schools again on Thursday.

They already had extra police on school grounds during drop-offs and dismissal.

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