Trucking Company Loses $150,000 After Theft

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COVINGTON TOWNSHIP -- A trucking company in Lackawanna County is missing a tractor, a trailer and about $100,00 worth of merchandise.

The owner of Naro Trucking in Covington Township thinks two people broke into the company's yard earlier this week.

He said, on Tuesday, someone stole a tractor trailer full of blue jeans.

The trucking company near Gouldsboro is now out $150,000.

It's not the first time Naro Trucking has dealt with crooks, back in 2006 the company had a similar theft.

"Right after that, I fenced the whole place in, ya know? Now here we are back in the same business," said Ross Naro, the owner of Naro Trucking.

The owner of the trucking company said he was surprised that the theft happened right off a main road in Lackawanna County. He said the people who did it, came off that road, broke the lock to the gate and headed in.

"They took one tractor, went up to the top of the hill where we keep the rest of the trailers and went through all the trailers, probably about 15 of them," said Naro.

The owner said the people broke the seals on 15 trailers and looked for something they could make money on.

He thinks, that's why they took the shipment of blue jeans.

Even though Naro Trucking has a security gate and cameras the owner said he now needs more.

"We hired a security guard. He's here from about 9 o'clock at night until 6 since the morning, 7 days a week. So there's more of an expense," said Naro.

The owner said he doesn't have hig hopes that the tractor, trailer and blue jeans will be back anytime soon, but he does want to know who is responsible. "Naturally, I'd like to see them caught. But, I don't see that happening. "

The owner of the trucking company said he has reported the theft to Covington Township police.

He is now working with his insurance company to see if it will cover the cost.


  • Heather

    Shady looking people? Really? My fiance drives for them. They are all hard working family men who would do anything for anybody. The Naro family is the same way. No way do they deserve this!!!

    • tony

      Thank you Heather. Its a tough business. Not everyone understands all that is involved with it. And here comes the fun part….WINTER!

    • tony

      We already have security fences and have them on video survelliance during the theft but its just not enough. So now we’re adding security officers. But hey there’s a job for someone else, right?

    • tony

      This is the problem. Containers from piers are not our property and only in our possession for 3-5 days. But yes the steamship lines should have these on every box, but can you imagine that cost. But a great idea non the less.

    • Don't Eat The Yellow Snow

      Yeah, the trailer will most likely be found someplace by Newark, NJ. I used to work for a large local distribution company, and the same thing happened to us several times. They came right into the yard and stole full trailers of product. I remember, one was an entire trailer of Gatorade, and the other was loaded with dry goods headed for a grocery store. They must have made about half a million bucks.

    • tony

      Levi, its easy to throw hard working people under the bus from a text, you know the address come to the office I’ll let you meet the men and women working for me, this way you can know them before you open your mouth and put your foot in it.

  • Scran-Toni

    Leave it to this station. Wow! “Loses”, NOT “losses”. And they don’t even care…chimps could write better than this!

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