Could Eric Frein Have Stolen Car?

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MONROE COUNTY -- Police in the Poconos said a black 2012 Porsche was reported stolen from in front of a home on Burger Road in Blakeslee on October 18 and then, on Wednesday, that vehicle was found 137 miles away, abandoned on Lee Hollow Road in Delaware County, New York.

Now people living in Pike and Monroe counties are considering the possibility that suspected cop killer Eric Frein may have stolen the car and gotten out of the state.

"It would be kind of nice if he did because our lives could get back to normal. Yeah. We're all just kind of held hostage. No school, school, stay home from work," said Jennifer Velcamp of Scotrun.

A spokesperson for the Delaware County Sheriff's Department said authorities there are "Definitely working with Pennsylvania State Police" to determine if Eric Frein has anything to do with the stolen vehicle.

For more than 40 days, hundreds of members of law enforcement have been scouring the woods of Pike and Monroe counties for the suspected.

Police believe he shot two troopers in an ambush attack in Blooming Grove Township on September 12, killing one and injuring another.

Frein may be in another state entirely, but most people we spoke with don't think so.

"I just thought it was a coincidence. I don't think it has anything to do with the story," said Koriann Gomez of Tobyhanna.

"Basically, I think he's still around, you know?" agreed Mark Stokes of Tobyhanna Township.

The police chief for Pocono Mountain Regional Police said there is no specific evidence at this point that leads investigators to believe Frein is involved in the car theft, but police just want to be sure.

"He could be in the woods next door, we don't even know. It would be better if he was in another state. It's their problem now," said Allie Velcamp of Scotrun.


  • Steve Briggs

    Who owns/owned the car? Title? Where did it come from. Frein isn’t alone on this…he has help on the “outside”. The car was left there on purpose and this was plotted this out years back. The Keystone cops look like fools…which they are. I’m sure Frein and D.B. Cooper are having dinner tonight laughing their asses off..

  • Jaycie Watson

    The comments from Jennifer Velcamp and Allie Velcamp on the stolen PA car found in Bovina, NY make me sick! You people live in a much bigger town than we do up here near Bovina, NY. How dare you wish that kind of misery on the people of Bovina, NY and all of Delaware County, NY!!! Eric Frein is from your state and your town, so you people deserve to keep him. “It’s their problem now”…what is wrong with you???? Looks like Jennifer Velcamp taught you well! You’re both EXTREMELY selfish people! It’s people like you that make me lose faith in the people of this world.

  • John Conners

    Suggestion to Pennsylvania State Police: Stop sending out that flattop mouthpiece who talks real bad and makes threats.

    It’s has been 7 weeks, and one hillbilly has made you clowns look like, well, clowns.

    Take off the combat uniforms and put on the “red rubber ball nose” and the long flatfoot shoes. Clowns.

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