Could Eric Frein Have Stolen Car?

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MONROE COUNTY -- Police in the Poconos said a black 2012 Porsche was reported stolen from in front of a home on Burger Road in Blakeslee on October 18 and then, on Wednesday, that vehicle was found 137 miles away, abandoned on Lee Hollow Road in Delaware County, New York.

Now people living in Pike and Monroe counties are considering the possibility that suspected cop killer Eric Frein may have stolen the car and gotten out of the state.

"It would be kind of nice if he did because our lives could get back to normal. Yeah. We're all just kind of held hostage. No school, school, stay home from work," said Jennifer Velcamp of Scotrun.

A spokesperson for the Delaware County Sheriff's Department said authorities there are "Definitely working with Pennsylvania State Police" to determine if Eric Frein has anything to do with the stolen vehicle.

For more than 40 days, hundreds of members of law enforcement have been scouring the woods of Pike and Monroe counties for the suspected.

Police believe he shot two troopers in an ambush attack in Blooming Grove Township on September 12, killing one and injuring another.

Frein may be in another state entirely, but most people we spoke with don't think so.

"I just thought it was a coincidence. I don't think it has anything to do with the story," said Koriann Gomez of Tobyhanna.

"Basically, I think he's still around, you know?" agreed Mark Stokes of Tobyhanna Township.

The police chief for Pocono Mountain Regional Police said there is no specific evidence at this point that leads investigators to believe Frein is involved in the car theft, but police just want to be sure.

"He could be in the woods next door, we don't even know. It would be better if he was in another state. It's their problem now," said Allie Velcamp of Scotrun.


  • Timmy

    To call this journalism is disgusting. Police can’t confirm or deny anything….ooh I have a headline! Remember, you are supposed to inform people not entertain. Disgusting!

  • johnson

    With one down and another losing his “man parts” the coppers continue to
    waste millions. If you or I were downed, 24 hours max, then call it off.

  • johnson

    I think this is very possible. He could not stay in the woods much
    longer with the leaves down and cold setting in. Steal a porsche
    and head to NY. Keystone cops are looking like buffoons and
    wasting 1.1 million a week. Give it up, get back on the highway
    and write speeding tickets.

  • Mary

    Search is costing over 1,000,000 per week. My heart goes out to the families of the troopers shot but I have to ask would this search have taken place had it been my husband or son and continue for 6 weeks? Unfortunately I think not. He has to be caught and punished but at what cost. Experts should have been consulted beginning week one. This is beyond the scope of law enforcement conducting the search and they need to admit it.

  • Busses be crazy

    I’m really getting sick of people saying to call this off because “it’s wasting our tax dollars.” Our tax dollars are wasted way worse and way more than this. At least we know where this money is going. Carry on.

  • Busses be crazy

    Before the shooting, Eric originally told his friend or family he was going to be away a while working in Delaware. Then he hides in Delaware Forest and now this car is found in Delaware County, NY. It just seems strange.

  • ..

    an elderly pennsylvania man with dementia went missing in washington county over the summer & pa state troopers called off their search LESS THAN 24 hrs after that poor man went missing. his body was found weeks later in a nearby field.

    if that 90 yr old man had SHOT at a cop, you can bet that they would’ve searched for him more than 20 hours. cops don’t conduct such a relentless manhunt at taxpayers’ expense when a regular citizen is murdered. it’s obvious that the cops only look out for themselves (hmmm- maybe that’s why Frein shot one of them?)

    when i hear the citizens talk about this case on the streets & at work, the hypocrisy of the police doesn’t go unnoticed & no one is rooting for the cops.

  • Todd

    Does anyone else find it strange that the vehicle was found in Delaware County…He had been texting friends before the shooting saying he was off to work in Delaware…

  • aflac

    They should just call off the hunt and put the halloween things be back on. Do a fundraiser to get some of tax payers money back by having a biven cake in the face game and frein look alike costume judged by the ones in charge of this mess. A week or two ago there mightve been a chance people believe hes here. Now you gotta be smoking the good stuff if you think hes in the woods alive anyway.

  • Pardee

    This is the best one yet!!! ..Eric Frein stole a Porsche to “escape”, Let’s spend time and resources investigating the possibility. OMG the sheeple are gonna buy it, for sure. Wow…..Holy bat poop batman!

  • jar23666

    I find the attitude of two of the persons interviewed in Tobyhanna Township saying, in essence, they hope Frein has left their area of residence and gone to New York state. Well, to me, the attitude of saying of letting their problem, which was voiced by one person interviewed, seem rather sadistic and hateful. I empathize with the stress of schools being shut down, being told to stay inside, afraid to move out when okay, and his apparent look-a-like who walks to work on second shift each day. But to carry attitude of “let it be on their head, not ours” is to me very uncaring of your fellow Americans AND, most of all, human beings.

    • djpekala

      i do not find it offensive. I find it being honest given what they have to deal with because of this manhunt and the lack of success. Unless you live there, you cannot know what they are going through. And it is painfully obvious to me that Frein IS NOT a threat to the public because if he was a threat he would have made that move many weeks ago in an attempt to leave the area. The disruption to the common good and civil liberties does not rise to meet the nature of the crime committed. This has morphed into a vendetta by law enforcement who after 6 long weeks of embarrassing effort are trying to do anything to validate that effort and the money needed to support that effort. Both get a failing grade from me so far.

  • Joe

    This is out of control. PSP needs to end this manhunt and stop wasting our tax dollars. If Eric shot anyone else other than a cop the would have been a maximum 3 day search. But since its one of there own they have something to prove. The only thing they are proving is how stupid they look walking around the woods picking berries. Maybe they will come across a BIGFOOT sighting next.

  • Tim

    Were the keys left in it? Who leaves the keys in a 50K car? I doubt that Frein has the ability to jump start a ‘12 Porsche.

  • Relene Miller

    Stealing a Porsche and attempting to out run the law as the country’s most wanted fugitive would be suicidal. Frein might as well put a target on his back. The man isn’t stupid, this story justifies another million dollars a week to be spent on the “hunt” for him. He is either long gone, or still a survivalist, but he isn’t driving a Porsche on our interstates.

  • J@D3!...

    This whole “situation” is a joke. Everything that happens is Frein’s fault. I’m actually starting to side with Frein. He’s a smart cookie! All the State police have been doing is making a mockery of themselves. Smh… I’m sorry to say, but if this was an everyday normal, regular, hardworking person like me and you; this would have been a cold case by now. They would have never spent over a million dollars looking for the person that killed you or I. This whole thing is PATHETIC !!!!!!

    • djpekala

      I agree and that was a point I raised recently. The burn rate of money and use of manpower for what is essentially a simple homicide would never rise to the this level if the victims were not public servants. That does not diminish the loss of life, but it does draw a distinction that civilians are treated differently within the law enforcement community depending on the crime committed and the level of damage inflicted. Put this manhunt into perspective with the manhunt for the Tsarnaev brothers. The level of effort is very similar but the crimes committed are exponentially different. IEDs killing 3 and wounding hundreds in what was deemed a terrorist act versus 1 dead and one wounded from gunshot wounds. There is simply is no justification for this continued failed effort. It is time to call this off and assign a couple of homicide detectives and severaly reduced resources to continue the investigation because in the end it will be John Q. Public and a rookie police officer making the bag and not the alphabet soup of agencies wasting our tax dollars.

    • Relene Miller

      And they wouldn’t have exhausted this much time on a missing child, either. This is a costly “hunt” for the taxpayers. Much is said about bringing him back in a body bag? Really? There is a thin line between bringing him to justice and bringing justice to him.

  • tom

    How could anyone have stolen a car without the police stopping them.Everyone I heard of said they are stopped in the area-the police check out parked cars.maybe someone tried staging a car theft because they can’t make the payments anymore on this type of vehicle.

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