Could Eric Frein Have Stolen Car?

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MONROE COUNTY -- Police in the Poconos said a black 2012 Porsche was reported stolen from in front of a home on Burger Road in Blakeslee on October 18 and then, on Wednesday, that vehicle was found 137 miles away, abandoned on Lee Hollow Road in Delaware County, New York.

Now people living in Pike and Monroe counties are considering the possibility that suspected cop killer Eric Frein may have stolen the car and gotten out of the state.

"It would be kind of nice if he did because our lives could get back to normal. Yeah. We're all just kind of held hostage. No school, school, stay home from work," said Jennifer Velcamp of Scotrun.

A spokesperson for the Delaware County Sheriff's Department said authorities there are "Definitely working with Pennsylvania State Police" to determine if Eric Frein has anything to do with the stolen vehicle.

For more than 40 days, hundreds of members of law enforcement have been scouring the woods of Pike and Monroe counties for the suspected.

Police believe he shot two troopers in an ambush attack in Blooming Grove Township on September 12, killing one and injuring another.

Frein may be in another state entirely, but most people we spoke with don't think so.

"I just thought it was a coincidence. I don't think it has anything to do with the story," said Koriann Gomez of Tobyhanna.

"Basically, I think he's still around, you know?" agreed Mark Stokes of Tobyhanna Township.

The police chief for Pocono Mountain Regional Police said there is no specific evidence at this point that leads investigators to believe Frein is involved in the car theft, but police just want to be sure.

"He could be in the woods next door, we don't even know. It would be better if he was in another state. It's their problem now," said Allie Velcamp of Scotrun.


  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    I’ve been waiting for it!!! I’ve been waiting for the escape story and HERE IT IS BABY!!!! Hahahahahahaha! What a JOKE!!!

    • CS

      An escape story manufactured by the news. You must be brain dead if you think Frein stole this car. No wait, no need to answer.

  • J2

    Frein could have easily walked to Blakeslee in 2 days.
    Why not steal a fast Porsche to outrun a cop. Sure beats driving a 1970 VW Beatle.
    Have you looked at the satellite map image of Bovina NY? Its 100 times more dense than Poconos!
    Why would Frein want to stay here at the present time? If its his intent to inflict more harm on law enforcement, he could be back in 6 months or do it elsewhere.
    Frein may have escaped.

  • Lou F. Washington

    Thats it!!!…. Im done with all of this. The idiots running this show are like Krusty the Clown running it…. A circus! They should all be ashamed…. Of course he needed a car! He can Walk-Thru the Drive-Thru at McDonalds, he’s getting hungry…. Im now on his side, GO FREIN GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Geo Z Cog

    i originally thought, why wouldnt he immediately jump onto 84 west to 81 north and get to canada immediately after the shooting and went as far as planting all the found items in the woods to make police think he was still in the area and that he had gone completely insane and was trying to be rambo but kept enough sanity to get out while he could following the shooting. the onramp to the highway isnt far from where it happened

  • tweety bird (@2013tweetybird)

    I’m sure he would steal a high profile vehicle like a Porsche to elude police. Yes. The more I think about it, it only makes sense. He hung out in the woods in a 2.5 mile radius for over 4 weeks, then he magically appeared near the school Saturday long enough for a woman to see him–at night–then magically appeared in Blakeslee to steal a Porsche–because a Hyundai Accent just won’t do for an escape. After that he hid in the woods with the car until Monday when he decided to go to the post office in Swiftwater because he never got to mail the letters he wanted to after being spotted by the woman out walking by the school. Again he eluded the police and ran back into the woods, got the car from where he left it–muddied and covered with twigs, just in case!–and then he stopped off at Emerald Lakes long enough to take a spin around the community before driving unnoticed in the stolen Porsche. Makes perfect sense.

    I know why it took him so long to devise a plan now. They said he’d been planning for years. He needed the time to plot such a deviously convoluted plan. Meanwhile, the search dogs are sitting around scratching their heads wondering why the cops and FBI are ignoring them when they keep showing them that Frein’s not there.

    On the serious side, it’s very sad that the police are making such a mockery of the death of their fellow cop. All people see anymore is the idiocy that has followed the shooting and I wish just one “journalist” would call them on all this and point out how ridiculous they look. Enough with the PSP Strong promotion, and let’s get down to the truth of this whole shooting, search, and money being spent. Enough with the lone gunman theory.

    • Ed

      I have said that since day ONE! He left his ID behind as a joke, got new ID shot the Troopers got out of the area and changed his appearance got onto a Plane bound for Serbia. He is right now laughing it up while drinking beer and vodka and nailing all the loose Serbian Women. He was on a plane ASAP out of the country. When he is found I am willing to bet it is NOT in the United States!

  • djpekala

    While it has yet to be confirmed that this incident is related to the Frein case, I would not be surprised if it were found to be true. From the beginning the police doctrine has been overwhelming manpower and technology will find and defeat this guy, but that is proving not to be true. Sad to say we will be saddled with the bill for this prolonged hike in the woods and there is nothing to show for it except for maybe some worn out boots and sore feet.

  • Jon Milner

    Someone else shot the troopers and killed Frein – leaving his truck in the pond with ID papers in it and a trail of evidence that would lead the PSP to think it was Frein what did it and where to “find” him. He is probably still in the area – 6 foot under. Just a thought.

    • Michael Scarborough

      Frein as patsy?….that’s a good angle, because a militant loner with a facebook page would be my first choice. Don’t think that’s what is happening, but like I said, good angle.

  • jar23666

    Nobody believed my original theory — Frein might be out of state and the PSP and ATF are searching for ghosts, not a mortal in Pike and Monroe Counties Pennsylvania. I told you all so! He is no dumb bunny!

  • Where'sWaldo

    What a deluxe clown show. The PSP are wasting tax money and have done nothing but play in the woods like little children. LoL. Glad I don’t live in the region anymore. Martial law and all kinds of Constitutional violations. The ‘law’ is a bigger hindrance to society than Frein ever could be. Idiots.

  • DJ

    Sounds like the cops are looking for a way out to save face. I’d like to know if the owner of that car was a friend of the cops…could be convenient.

  • Katelyn

    Talk about grasping for straws..these stories are getting ridiculous. Something got into our garbage cans the other night. There is no specific evidence at this point that leads you to believe it wasn’t racoons or a bear, but maybe the police should come check them out ” just to be sure”.


    WOW! You give us this bullshit story and DONT EVEN GIVE US THE CAR MODEL!! Porsche makes a lot of cars. The picture shown looks like a modified 911 or a Boxter or a Caymen! This reporting is dumb! Is it a 90 model or a 2008 model. DUMB on top of DUMB.

      • Jack G

        NO NO NO THAT’S LEO GLODZIC he has the ash tray cornared and bridges. 2012 Porsche turn on the navigation system which they have just to be remotely located. He waited 40 days what a choosy shopper for a stolen car. this sounds like a fairy tail. I think we will see a new spokesperson for the PSP. I still say FEF.

  • Jack G

    Read how hard it is to steal a 2012 Porsche other than with a flat bed. Maybe he stole a Toro rider mower and cut though all the bull we are being fed. that’s a thought and more likely. Whats next a horse and buggy, ultra light HEY how about a police car there sure is enough of them sitting around.

    • Don

      In that part of the country it’s not that far fetched for the car tone unlocked with the keys in it. Not a whole lot of inner city gang members in the poconos

    • Jack G

      they give him to much credit. how about they couldn’t make the payments. Much more likely it happens all the time. Steal a Porsche no i won’t stand out in a crowd. REALLY GET REAL. Steal a Ford or Chevy. Because there is not allot of room for all his weapons in a Porsche NOT VERY PRACTICAL FOR A SURVIVALIST IS IT.

  • Jim James

    I still think he planned this thing out more than they credit him. Why else would he leave that note about how he made mistakes — losing his vehicle in the water, dumping his rifle — right where it could be found? Just ask yourself this: How can I get away with something like this? Answer — make myself out to be a dummy who is just waiting in the woods, hopelessly lost, cold, and starving, because they’ll keep searching and searching until they find me. Meanwhile, I’ll steal a car — maybe an expensive one — that nobody will associate myself with and use it to get out of here while they’re wasting time and money in the woods.

    • robert

      Most troopers that are hunters know he is gone!….not the 200 lb dummys that do into a treestand to take a nap!…carpenters would be smarter for sure!….sure that wasnt so dumb!…Deff no hunters!…prob from a row house in philly!…life flight was prob a Million plus care!

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