Seniors Grateful, Disappointed by Social Security Increase

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WILKES-BARRE -- Some senior citizens were excited, and others were disappointed Wednesday when the Social Security Administration announced that social security and supplemental income benefits will increase 1.7% next year.

“I’m just surprised. I don`t know. I`m getting more money,” said Jean Smith. “Money is always good!”

The increase means the average senior citizen will see an additional $22 in their monthly check.

Seniors inside B’nai B’rith Apartments in Wilkes-Barre had mixed feelings about the increase.

"Twenty dollars is twenty dollars,” said Ed Smith. “I worked for it all my life, so whatever they give me, they give me,” said Ed Smith.

Louise Christopher told Newswatch 16 that she’ll never see that extra money make it to her pocketbook.

“It’s nothing. You go to the grocery store, it's doubled now from what I paid even two years ago,” said Christopher.

Franic Rothenbecker said the increase isn’t enough to take his wife Betty out for dinner.

“You can’t get a meal out. Where are you eating?” joked Rothenbecker. “As soon as they see that we`re going to get the social security increase, I`ll bet you your bloomers that we`re going to get a raise here. They are not looking out for the senior citizens.”

The average monthly social security check is around $1,200, and statistics show that around 10% of senior citizens live in poverty in America.


  • tom

    1.7%?.Our esteemed lawmakers get better cost of living increase.Oh-I forgot their raises are “by law”.All the older folks worked hard and get the shaft.i bet lawmakers don’t have an increase in health benefits or anything else that affects “their pay”.1.7%?don’t they feel embarassed to give that to American seniors when they shell out billions in foreign aid to countries.


    I wonder how much the Medicare payment has increased for next year? They distribute with the right hand and take it back with the left. Just ask any senior or person on disability.

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